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 Post subject: Top 25 Tech News Stories of 2012
PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2012 2:46 pm 
Maximum PC Editor
Maximum PC Editor

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Maximum PC just posted what we think are the top 25 news stories of 2012. http://www.maximumpc.com/article/featur ... ories_2012

Did we get it right? Let us know in the comments!

- Jimmy

 Post subject: Re: Top 25 Tech News Stories of 2012
PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 1:51 pm 
Boy in Black
Boy in Black
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I'm always opinionated, so...no.

25. Alienware built an iTX. No one wants it if they have an XBox because they're blind to PC's. Yes it's the way to go, but I'd believe it's better to build your own iTX over an Alienware if you want an X-box sized PC. There's no expansion with them it. Self built here would be better.

24. No surprise. HP sucks on every level. Lenovo may be getting their numbers expected finally from buying up the ThinkPad name from IBM and laptops. It's also the most suggested laptop on several Tech Talk shows across the country (which also say HP sucks)

23. I'm fairly ignorant here, but Jelly bean isn't a step up for a tablet as much as it was for the Smartphone. The Nexus could have released just the same with 4.0 Ice Cream Samich. Haven't read on here, but Surface is bigger news for a Tablet than this headline.

22. Yup, that's a great release and should help any person build THE gaming PC they want on a very tight budget. Other than that, it's a mild upgrade and $100 can still get you better graphical power, even in iTX. To me there's budget and very tight budget. I just can't see this being huge unless you just have to have AMD in your socket.

21. Yup again. MSE is the most used AV out there and it's failing. But it's free and still worth using rather than nothing. If you pay for an AV, then there's nothing else than eSET NOD32. Once one builds or doesn't come with bloatware McAfee/Norton on their OEM purchase, I'd still recommend MSE. MS just needs to refocus on this project

20. Love it. Just because they got Nokia to love Win8 Mobile, they can't get desktop/laptop users to just change over night for their buyers to feel the same. The phone has been touch for a while now. Can't say that for the vast majority of any desktop/laptop out there. There's a reason, and it's tough on them to muster even the mild desire to go touch on a desktop. They're ignorant of fragmentation they're creating in their OS with their Hardware attempts.

19. I have no idea why this is higher than the others or even on the list. A simple Subpoena of the data in any case allows this "intrusion". That it's a Federal one just put some better crackers on it. Happens every day I'd assume. Kinda ignorant to assume illegal activities can be hidden by encryption or forgetting a key.

18. Blah...shows how much the editors watch their own forums. Maximum PC, I'm sure, had a forum post at the change of TIM and that Ivy may suffer. To Delid the Ivy and prove it took Anandtech forums (where I dropped temps by 19C by just changing TIM and putting the lid back on)...but a front page on Overclocking.net for anyone to notice. Forums aren't dead. Overclocking.net probably were sparked by our own posts. This one upsets me in a geek way. YOU missed it.

17. Nerd talk, not technical. Off the list.

16. Phone talk. Pretty much assumed already.

15. Has nothing to do with anything. Some guy is batshit crazy and has no links other than his namesake to something he's far connect to. He's not the CEO of McAfee. He's running solo...again, not anything but a headline that isn't technical. But he WAS found by being stupid and taking GPS tagged photos. You do that stuff when you're on drugs.

14. Duh. Already made my comment up there, but Win8 is not for the desktop. Win8 is horrible for us until we get the phone and surfaces...just like Mac users staying within their environments only. Fragmentation. Windows ME.

13. Cool. Only for geeks at the moment.

12. There could be 12 spots for Facebook and not just one. IPO failed is not a surprise. Not one single wise investor bought into that crap, the rest just invested in what they like (n00bs). Thanks for giving them money and allowing them to flush it down the toilet...now you get full screen ads and instagram selling your photos.

11. It's not a tease. It's just not wanted in reality and doesn't work. Sure it's a news story, but it's not good at all. It's on the level of snapping QR codes from billboards while driving interstates (Happens). Should not be on the list because it won't be here in 2013 and no one really uses it at all. It's a myth.

10. Win8 again. Weird. Ever heard of a top 10? Ya got redundant and made a top 25 list. I guess that's bigger than 10, so must be better!

9. Big news, but huge speculation because ya'll caused this. They never said specifics and most tech sites are so disconnected from the item they're talking about that they just get on the keyboard and type. They never released a word that the socket is dead, yet ya ran with it like lemmings. Poorly played by ya'll, but big news. Again, read your own forums.

8. Duh. Drones. They spiked and you leave the MS stats at the end of the story; which was not a headline in 1999 (or should be a benchmark). So you're stating that the #8 is not real yet make it a story...and a top story at #8. Did Apple cross $850 million or not? No.

7. Not much of a comment because I agree. It's top 10 because it's confirmed? And note, this is just in America. I highly doubt EA programers are jumping out windows to their death like Foxconn in China.

6. Big for iPhone fans, but odd in a MaxPC list.

5. Huge. Not just the box, but adding Linux support. Ya focused on the console there and didn't make #6 Linux support? Weird.

4. Five years coming. Didn't see this in 2007? Did ya know 3DFx isn't around any more too?

3. It's not over yet. It's been ruled moot. Got that one wrong and it's way up on this list.

2. It's a mutual parting. That happens...you don't know this? Why so snarky about it? When you don't agree with the CEO's path (as I would) you know when to step down because nothing you do will matter. "Riiiight" assumes he was fired and is just, again, ignorant as a news caster. IF he stayed on, he'd gone to other worthless tasks. Anyway, I don't like the intelligent news MPC put up here in order to even make the list. Seem very disconnected from business or even these companies you write about.

1. Facepalm. Your #1 is really "check back with us in a [sic] year?" Way to phone it in. Way to stick to your #1.

Summed up, not happy. Editors with a hobby in computers. Not one connected to the industry amongst ya'll. Hope you get hits, but it'll be from gamers and iPhoners.

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