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 Post subject: The Console/PC Gamer Conundrum
PostPosted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 10:53 am 

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If there's a trend that I'm finding annoying lately, it's that because the PS4 and Xbox One are essentially "dumbed down gaming PCs", that it's suddenly a time to convince the console gamer market to switch to a "real gaming PC". And I feel like they're wasting their time. Only a handful, from what I see on console gamer communities, really want to make the jump to the "superior platform". The problem isn't on the hardware end. A person who wants a "real gaming PC" has dozens of pre-built options to choose from. Oh, but it's cheaper to build your own? Sure, but an OEM comes with one thing a custom build doesn't - support (to varying degrees) and chances are, you'll be given a working machine (because it has to be tested before it gets shipped out).

And this is where I think companies are wasting their time. The PC environment is not like consoles where everything is truly plug and play and you can run anything designed for it. When a new peripheral comes out for a console, it's guaranteed to work. When you get a new peripheral on a PC, you have to install the software first, then plug it in. And if that software doesn't play nice with the other things you have installed, then you have to spend a while to figure it out. And if you upgrade? Well now you have to be sure to uninstall everything associated with that device to ensure it doesn't cause issues.

And many console gamers don't care about how powerful their console is. All they care about is how enjoyable their game is. A game can look pretty for all anyone cares, but if it plays like a pile of garbage, then you're not going to play it for very long, period. I'm sure a lot of people stopped caring about BF4 after people found out it had a ton of problems.

I feel like many a PC gamers are losing sight of what it means to be a gamer. If all PC gaming is is how many gigapixels and frames per second your rig can push... then why bother with games? You only need 3DMark to satisfy your desires!

I know not every PC gamer has a hard on for specs and benchmarks, but I feel like that's what's being emphasized a lot of times. To me, I just prefer keyboard and mouse controls and the freedom to customize a few of the games I play (The Elder Scrolls for instance). Plus the fact I can still play games from two decades ago just fine.

 Post subject: Re: The Console/PC Gamer Conundrum
PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2014 10:41 am 
like a rock - waitaminute, I AM a rock
like a rock - waitaminute, I AM a rock
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There are some people on absurd crusades of one sort or another for this debate. In my experience the more adamant a person is about this choice the more they are just looking for validation of their own perspective. Lots of insecure people just want to feel that they are more right than someone else. It's why so many of these discussions devolve into name calling, the statements "it's a fact" and "lack of intelligence" get tossed about wildly by individuals struggling for some sort of approval from the world. Comedy option to the first anonymous internet personality that brings up the term Nazi is the true winner of a debate with no consequence or persuasive weight. There are some outright trolling fan-boys still out there too, that only serve to fan flames.

In general the internet has brought out much more (in volume) of the worst of humanity, than the good discussion and debates we could be having. I wouldn't let the general tenor of these exchanges get you down. The hate and rants and vitriol with persuasive us-versus-them mentality isn't really gamers talking; it's just insecurities amplified by online anonymity.

I would like to think that console players know they are using computers to play those games. Consoles are computers, our phones are computers of sorts, tablets etc. Neither camp is stupid about what the devices do in general. They all "get it" to some degree.

The PC camp with an SLI, Tri or quad-graphics set up are often justifying the money they spent so they can feel superior. Due to this feeling those people might think they ARE getting a better gaming experience. But you are right in that they may not be getting the same level of enjoyment out of a game as a 9-year-old playing Minecraft on an iPad. I see that as a separate issue from the debate though.

Some of this debate has to revolve around price. Consoles are generally less money. If price is a factor, consoles will be a way games can be experienced in a more effective 'bang for your buck' equation.

Some of the debate has to be around usefulness of the tool in general. Arguably a PC can do more than a console, just not the exact same things. Where do phones fit into gamer culture? Tablets? Or how about Facebook games?

Some of it has to do with the familiarity and even a bit of brand loyalty. It's easy for someone to route for Sony or Microsoft, two companies, not much to keep track of, the systems will only have 2 or 3 revisions over their life spans and it's just "easier". If friends have one system, and you want to play WITH them, then the choice is pretty much made for you. With computers there are just SO MANY variables. Lots of people don't want to know, and don't want to think about these things.

Consoles are pretty much guaranteed to play every title released for that platform. If you buy a PS1 title today, a system from 1995, it will still work on that system. Computer titles aren't that simple. OS consideration, hard drive space, drivers, graphics card, sound, compatibility settings; you get where I'm going ... it's not AS easy and things don't always "just work" on a PC.

As for the Benchmark comparison mentality.

MPC has to rely on benchmarks to differentiate hardware reviews in an objective way. Computer engineers and builders (many of those types on this site) also use the same statistics to compare these features. Hardware junkies, overclockers and system tweakers, not exactly all of them are gamers like you are using the term. I think that gamers really don't care much about this kind of number system if they can play the games they want, at settings they can enjoy the title by on any device they enjoy using.

Grand Theft Auto 5 got a lot of attention because of the sales numbers. Gaming is a huge industry that has yet to reach saturation. Valve is developing the Steam Machine concept, there are Android-based game systems now that plug into TVs. iPads all over my office have some games on them. Something as 'simple' as Candy Crush can make millions in a month.

Gamers will be excited about anything that furthers the industry. But not everyone takes the time to appreciate the way all these systems serve different entertainment niches.

 Post subject: Re: The Console/PC Gamer Conundrum
PostPosted: Sun Feb 09, 2014 11:09 pm 
Little Foot
Little Foot

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Obsidian is right I believe. hell i own consoles and a PC I love them each for different games and game styles. My strategy games are all PC based because I usually got horrible controls to deal with on consoles. The only exception being halo wars and thats an oddity being developed for a console in the first place. My PC is not the fastest system out there but so far it's done well and I love it for what it does. My gaming systems are great for games built for them. To me we need to not do the console vs PC thing as we have. Now if you wish to argue you can pump out nicer graphics on a PC that is legitimate. But remember after a certain point is takes a lot to see the difference. I currently only runs my PC at 1080P but some I know go way higher and consider it silly to run any lower. What will happen in time is I think people will be forced to accept consoles as a style of gaming more than as "PCs for dummies." Cause honestly we use console controls on some games cause well their better suited. i find Assassins Creed black flags keyboard set up atrocious and use a 360 controller for it. But my PC runs it fine so in a way I am hybridizing out that game to run on my PC using a consoles controller. In the end well i guess I just think we should see theres room for both styles. Far as Maximum PC well they admit they usually are going by their own name and going for the fastest cooler rigs in town. So remember that when you think of them and remember they always say building a gaming rig on a budget is much tougher than with lots of money.

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