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 Post subject: Vida Desktop Linux Review
PostPosted: Sat Aug 21, 2004 7:59 am 
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Forum's 3dfx Zealot

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Well from yesterdays what the hell i should put on this machine thread I decided to put vida desktop linux on. For those who do not know what vida desktop linux it here a brief synopse by me.

Vida is basicly a stage 3 precompiled version of Gentoo Linux with a the Redhat Anaconda gui based installer.

Installing: Installing Vida was very simple and very simple no real options to confuse a person with. My only note here is that they should add the ability to add users while in the installer. Instead of loging in as root and having to figure out where to do it.
Long install. When you go to install it will make it look like there only 6 emerge packages to isntall and you are all set. Those packages take a little time to install but not real long the sec the last one finishes you get a window that pops up and says emerging gnome 2.6 and desktop applications this takes for ever. Other than that I had no real problem with the installer

On boot. I got prompted with the normal GDM graphical login. Most of my hardware had been deteched. Except
Sound card - loaded the modules but did not set the right permission to /dev/mixer
Prism 2.5 PCI wifi card. Did not have wireless extensions enabled in kernel. ( more on this later)

so I login create a user rob.
log out
login as rob

On first glance i found the vida desktop to be cheesy looking with a lame looking osx style window them and Gdesklets staterbar loading which is just slow down start time from login to desktop. turn off starter bar and when to a standard window theme. That helped alot.

Next thing went to go use porthole which is a gui front end for portage....

So I typed su and then my root password..... and it would not take my password saying it was wrong
I knew it was right i typed it in 50 other times and also the root password for my slackware boxes. So I hop on Xchat and go to #gentoo on irc.freenode.net also stop by #maximumpc while i was on freenode too. Anyway I explain the problem I was having and I was very politely told that my user rob needed to be part of group wheel do to pam. *dont know what pam is or does but it has to do with security. Anyway they told me an real easy way of fixing it which was to go and type in gpasswd -a rob wheel which would add rob to the group wheel. So I did that and it worked. Thanked the guys over at #gentoo and then proceeded to go bug KarlthePagan in #maximumpc wonder why he was going to watch that awful alien vs prediator movie. Then I fired of porthole now to see this thing in action. I found a big problem with vida here. since emger likes to download things via there source and then compile on the fly with the optimized useage flags.... It cause a problem when alot of programs did not want to compile do to missing sources that vida did not install.
Ok so i emerge the sources - then i get a few programs emerged and decided it was a bit of a pain waiting for ever fo the damn thing to compile and install. But then I went to install wirless drivers for my prism 2.5 card as they did not seem to be in this systme by default even though they are a kernel option. Anyway. Cant compile the drivers as the kernel source is gone. GRRRR i say to my self. Sothen i emerge the kernel source. ok easy enough. now back to the wireless drivers. hit another stumbling block when the people compiled via people compiled the kernel source for the kernel that it runs by default they did not enable wireless extentions. Which ment I had to recompile the kernel. That is the point where I said screw this shit.

so right now I am downloading slack 10 to reburn as i some how gave away all my copies. going to put slack 10 on here which will work with my wireless card off the bat and then I am going to put folding at home on it and maybe do a little intranet webpage to have other machines easily access other network features.

In conclusion I belive that vida linux has a lot of bugs mostly caused by them selves since I have used gentoo in the past and not had these issues. but even with the bugs I belive if they dont drop this project that this will be a great way for newbies to really used gentoo in a easy to manage way.

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 21, 2004 11:06 am 
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PAM stands for "Pluggable Authentication Module". It handles logons to different services. Things "plug in" to PAM modules to request authentication via different methods (passwords, LDAP databases, etc). Each authentication method is plugged in on the other side.

Most Linuxes use PAM (I hesitate to say all, but I don't know of one that doesn't). I believe Solaris uses PAM also.

The wheel thing is pretty common.

And AvP wasn't that bad, it was entertaining, but not horrible.

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