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 Post subject: MCSE- how difficult?
PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2007 9:17 pm 

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hi all! this is my first post here. And for some reason, it feels better then other forums i've been at.

anyway, I'm in my senior year of high school right now. Normally, i take medium classes at my high school, but supplement it with classes from my local community college (i only pay about $20 a semester and it transfers much easier then AP credits....)

anyway, because all my college apps are due by January-ish, there is really no point in me taking academic classes at my community college in the spring(for a couple of reason: 1. colleges wont see it 2. ive done almost all my GEs through the college already 3. the only classes left i want to take are sequence classes [i.e. physics 4a and 4b] 4. class offered in the afternoon- when im in high school, etc)

now this all sounds nice and dandy, but what does it have to do with MCSE you ask? well the college offers multiple classes to work with the MCSE exam, and im thinking about taking it during the spring semester/summer before i go off to college. But thinking about it, im not all that familiar with MCSE, networking, etc so i dont want to get in over my head.

Anyway, here is my academic plan. The spring semester can be broken into the A and B session. The summer isnt broken up:

Spring (the entire semester is just under 4 months, the half semesters are, obviously, 2 months):
A- exam 290
B- exam 291 and 298
the entire semester- security+ (to use as an elective)

Summer (the semester is a week under two months):

Notes: these numbers refer the the MCSE exam number, not the course numbers from the college.

i dont plan on getting a job part time or anything if i do end up getting an MCSE certification. it's mostly for me to mess around with, maybe i ll get a part-time job that uses it later, but it is mostly for my enjoyment.
i dont know exactly what i'll be studying- i think i ll be majoring in a humanity like philosophy and double minor in two sciences (comp sci and chem im thinking right now.... but that could all change)

Most of my knowledge about computers is of the hardware/gaming-enthusiast variety: what video card, overclocking, etc.

EDIT: dont worry about the MCSE classes conflicting with my high school classes. i only have about 3 classes plus track (only two of the classes are what i would consider academic- a pred med class and english Lit.)

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 9:09 am 
Little Foot
Little Foot

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well it sounds like your rather computer savvy already. i wouldnt delve into networking/MCSE if you knew nothing bout puters.

however to do it just for the hell of it? theres really no entertainment value in the networking field unless you have plans to implement it. i can say having a computer repair background is a nice backup skill/addition when being considered for employment, and MCSE wouldnt hurt.

im fittin to start MCSE classes myself. the lab fee's here in FL, are $700 a class(f*ing ridiculous (note that it is spelled correctly))....im going into it only because i naturally accel in computer related field, and have big plans for my future in the IT/networking industry.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2008 4:18 pm 

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As you pointed out an MCSE probably isn't particularly useful to the degree goal you mentioned. And because you don't plan on a job where an MCSE would be useful in the near future, I suspect there might be better things to work on. As you pointed out, because you'll be applying to colleges soon the only thing you will be required to do is cruise through finishing high school at that point. If you think you might be pursuing CS or chem as a major, if you haven't taken any calculus classes yet that might be worth doing even if you don't transfer the units. If you take a JC calculus class now, I suspect it will give you a jump start freshman year. If you want to take a computer class that might be useful in college you might want to take Introduction to Computer Programming. And if you've already taken that class (or classes) Data Structures and Algorithms might be worth considering, especially for a CS degree.

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