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 Post subject: water cooling questions
PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 7:08 pm 
Little Foot
Little Foot

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Just set up my water cooling and I have it leak testing right now. But I do notice some air bubbles in my video card block that are just swirling around in the corner. How do I go about bleeding the system? Right now I have the reservoir cap off to try and help it but every now and then I here what sounds like more bubbles passing through my system. I've turned the pump off and let it sit for about 30min without any leaks forming but my reservoir fluid level goes up slightly every time I turn it off, is this normal?

My system has the EK Supreme HF, EK P67A-UD7 mother board block, EK 6870 video card block, EK 480 radiator, black ice SR1 single 140mm, EK 250 reservoir, and swiftech pump (non variable).

Set up is...EK480 is on top of the case and feeds the CPU, then it hits the SR1, then the NB then the VRM's, then to the video card, then to the reservoir which feeds the pump and back to the EK480...I plan on adding dual GTX580's and that's why I got the EK480 because I know they produce A LOT of heat. I'm running this in a 800D case.

 Post subject: Re: water cooling questions
PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2011 5:53 pm 
Boy in Black
Boy in Black
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That's normal. The way the tubes run, they all have their own high spots according to their exit and you just have to wait for all the bubbles to collect and get pushed out as they grow large enough. I usually recommend running the pump on it's own for a weekend on the table, but that's growing to be impracticable as this method of cooling grows (not everyone has spare 12v supplies).

You can put the cap back on, as that doesn't matter. If air is where the water needs to be in the tube, water will replace it and the air goes to the res, that's why it's there; IF it's the highest spot of the loop...so check that (If it's not the highest point, it's a waste). You don't bleed a closed loop system and use that reservoir for that very purpose.

If you have a variable speed pump: Run it low during the night, crank it all the way up in the morning, turn it back down at noon, and then back up at dinner...repeat. If not, you just run the thing and top off the res as the air is displaced and the level drops. The level WILL stop dropping as liquid fills the loop and capacity is fulfilled. With a constant speed pump, I'd give it a week.

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