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 Post subject: Help with Sleeving
PostPosted: Fri Jan 28, 2005 5:27 pm 

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hi hi
im trying to do some sleeving with this 'cable sleeve kit' i got. its just diff sizes of sleevings and tubing, no tools or anythin. so i just have these and maybe my hairdryer as a heatshrinker..

i was trying to put the sleeves on, and read some posts that a molex extracter thingy was pretty useful, and im fine with that. im just having problems with sleeving ribbon cables..those darn fatasses..how u guys go about sleeving em ? any website with a properly illustrated tutorial for sleeving these big mommas? i did some research but all i could get was to slit the flat ribbons into strips or somethin like that, but they never went into detail..
any help greatly appreciated thanks! :)

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 28, 2005 5:52 pm 
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First off...here's a how-to:
http://www.virtual-hideout.net/guides/c ... ndex.shtml

As far as the slitting goes, that's about all I know to do as well. You take a sharp x-acto knife and slice the plastic between every 5th cable or so. At that point, you just stack the sections on top of each other and bind them every 5" or so, then sleev 'em. But with the low cost of real nice rounded cables (Cobra cables or Coolermaster), I say just go buy some. Steer clear of those plain plastic covered ones, as their usually low quality. The boots slip down and stuff.

This is the Molex tool I use and it's very handy indeed. They also have a little cheap one, but shipping is probably more than the thing costs. You can do it without the tool, but it's so much easier with it. Risk of damage is lower too. If you break the little tabs that hold them in, the pin will keep falling out of the connector when you plug them together. Superglue or epoxy can fix this, but it's permanent.

The thing to do is just take your time. Plan the route first. If two or three leads go to the same area, bundle them up in the same loom to cut down on multiple leads. This just cuts down on work, and the cleanliness.

Draw a little sketch of how the cables/pins go into the connector as far as the color code goes. Black is black, so they can be moved to other black locations (this is brought up incase you want to straighten them out). Draw this according to how the connector key is. Then disassemble the pins and set it aside. Put a piece of tape over the pin ends so they will slip through the sleeving and not catch as you push/pull them through.

At this point, I bind (BUY-nd...not bend :D ) the wires with short pieces of electrical tape. You can also use heatshrink if you have some thin cheap stuff. It keeps the wires bunched as your route and they won't expand within the sleeving (if you skip this, the wires may ungroup and look like a snake that swallowed and egg as you route the loom).

Take the un-cut sleeving and slide it over the bundle all the way to the end. Cut it off right at the pin ends. Then take two pieces of the right sized heatshrink and slide one all the way to the end. I like making several 1" or 1-1/2" long pieces to keep it uniform. I keep half of the length for the sleeve and the other half in contact with the wires. This looks really good if you continue the sleeving INTO the PS...but not necassary. Use your safe heatsource (hair drier may not be enough) and shrink away.

Now you have one end secured. Pull on the sleeving pretty tight to get it snug to the wire bundle. I secure the now tight sleeve with a wiretie to hold it while I continue to work with it. Here I'll cut the extra off the pin end (maybe 1" from the actual pins) and repeat the shrink process and then remove the tiewrap. That loom is done...now do the rest:D

If you want to have one leg drop out of a loom, you can do so pretty easily. You can open up the braiding and pop out a couple wires through the sleeving, then snug it back up with a tug. You can even sleeve this branch with smaller sleeving which looks sharp IMO. Just leave some of the branch's sleeving up inside the main loom.

Anyway, I'll be doing some sleeving soon and hope to take some pics.

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