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 Post subject: Help with my PC
PostPosted: Fri Jun 13, 2014 11:00 am 

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So I got my pc around September or so last year and its been going good so far but recently in the last month its been freezing quite a but and just stops responding sometimes. I could be watching a youtube video and all of a sudden the video freezes but i can still move my mouse and hear it but clicking does absolutely nothing, some times the desktop or hotbar even stop responding, or sometimes I just straight up can't do anything. It usually occurs pretty early on after starting it up and i've already ran defraggler ccleaner and malwarebyte and im all good with viruses and all of that but it just keeps freezing. I am a big pc newb so i probably won't be able to fix this on my own so all help is greatly appreciated :D
Also i noticed it doesnt freeze during games or anything only when im on the internet or desktop but it does randomly tab out of games at times.

 Post subject: Re: Help with my PC
PostPosted: Mon Jun 16, 2014 6:20 pm 
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This will be a tough problem to solve because it is intermittent, and variable. Almost anything could be causing it.

You could test the RAM with memtest86 or memtest86+.

You can test your hard drive with the maker's diagnostic app---though I really doubt the drive is doing it.

You can monitor temps and power outputs with HWMonitor. Unfortunately this is best done for a good baseline before problems arise as HWMonitor may report false readings.

Might install Malwarebytes and see if it detects anything...don't know what antivirus app you use.

You can check Device Manager for yellow/red flags, System Information>Components for problem devices, check Action Center for Problem Reports, Reliability History and Troubleshooting. This is referring to Win7. If Win8 then I am sure these are present and maybe enhanced and more tools present but may be called something else. SFC /scannow and a repair install can be tried after backing up drive image.

If this is a maker PC then it is presumably still under warranty. They may also offer remote login tech service.

I just got through checking an old client's PC (Acer E380) with same problem intermittent freezing [I no longer service PCs as it isn't worth people's money with PCs being so cheap but some old clients I will still do as a favor.]. I have test equipment and parts to swap in and testbeds to test parts on. Even then I had to give him a loaner PSU because I could not be certain that was the cause. He has had one freeze since. I also found a swollen cap in the CPU bank and let him know if one is gassing the others will soon follow suit...and that board mush have nearly 60 electrolytic caps. I guess the point is I checked a lot of thinks and still did not feel comfortable with my diagnosis of bad PSU. Likely it was the correct dx, but the one freeze has me gritting my teeth.

He wants the MB replaced. I just sent him my price plus parts for a AM2/DDR2 u-ATX swap (only a single board left at Newegg) or a AM2+/AM3 with DDR3 and used CPU for $85 more or a Intel 1150 setup for only $17 more and roughly double the performance. Running XP which should be interesting to transfer over under a repair EULA. But my guess is he is going to have to replace the PSU as well (Antec Basic 350W running about $30 I suspect). I'd rather see him spend $800 on a new desktop. This seemed like a good one for what was an emergency, but my PSU got him through a design project for his client so now he has some money maybe he can custom order a good build.

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