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 Post subject: Problem with starting up the new computer I built
PostPosted: Wed May 07, 2014 1:14 pm 

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Hello everyone. I don't know if anyone has had any similar situations as mine. I'm very new to building computers. Last night was the first computer I ever built. Right now I'm running into a lot of problems. When I press the on button a green light inside the computer turns on. However, nothing is running. When I press the direct key button on my computer the fans and everything is turned on. The computer acknowledges my keyboard and my CDROM. I have a monitor connected to my computer that says that there is no signal coming from my computer and that I should press some keys on my keyboard to get it to work. I tried putting the Windows 8.1 CDROM in and I cannot get Windows to run. Does this problem sound familiar to anyone? I have an Asus motherboard and a bunch of Corsair parts as well. Thank you for your time.

 Post subject: Re: Problem with starting up the new computer I built
PostPosted: Fri May 09, 2014 11:15 am 
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A little more information about your computer would help. Like, what is your processor, motherboard, RAM, video card (if present), storage drive (HDD/SSD), power supply.

Did you install the CPU yourself? Are you certain it was seated properly? Did you use thermal compound when attaching the CPU cooler?
Is your monitor connected using any type of adapter?

Does the computer issue any beeps when you try to boot it? If so read your motherboard manual (or find it online) and read about the beep codes or POST codes. It should give you an indication of the problem. No beeps?

Shut down the computer, remove the power cord, hold down the power button for a few seconds, touch something big and metal. Remove all RAM, graphics cards, and cables (from the motherboard and also from the drives). Put everything back in, carefully ensuring that each part is connected/seated firmly. Plug the monitor and power cord back in. Try to boot. No boot?

Refer to your motherboard manual and see where you should install just 1 stick of RAM. Follow the preliminary steps given above and remove the other sticks. Try to boot. No boot?

Again prepare to work in your PC and remove the single stick and install on of the remaining sticks (if any). Try to boot. No boot? Repeat this procedure until each DIMM has been tried, one at a time.

Post back your system info and any troubleshooting results.

 Post subject: Re: Problem with starting up the new computer I built
PostPosted: Sat May 10, 2014 9:06 am 
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Few things:
  • Try not to panic (and, yes, I know it's hard): you're going to need your wits about you to figure this out
  • Crwlng is right - give us a list of your components. Asus mobo and a bunch of Corsair parts doesn't help us much
  • Going forward it's troubleshooting 101. My initial thought is a bad PSU - very common from my experience. But before we blame the PSU, let's check a few more things
  • Verify the wiring is done correctly and completely. Did you install both the 24 pin and 4/8 pin mobo connectors? is the case/mobo wiring correct? If your GPU needs a power connector is it attached? Go component by component and connection by connection and make sure:
      a) If there is an empty connection, should it be?
      b) Conversely, if you connected something, should it be?
  • Is the RAM seated properly and are they in the correct slots? The latches on the sides should stand vertically and prevent you from removing the RAM. Even if they are, remove them and re-seat them to be sure. Check the manual to make sure the RAM is in the right slots (some mobos can be picky if you're using 2 DIMMS)
  • If you have a friend that builds computers ask them to take a look
  • Go to a local computer shop (I like mom & pop stores, but Microcenter is another option). Ask questions, see if they can offer some advice. At Microcenter, you can bring in your computer and you can walk through what's going on and what you've done. I don't think they will physically touch the computer but they will offer advice

Hope this helps.

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