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 Post subject: Task manager Priorities.....please help.
PostPosted: Tue Jul 20, 2004 6:10 pm 

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Well first I'd like to say I am new to this forums so if this thread is in the wrong place mods please fix this... :wink:

Second Id like to say I am running Windows XP sp1 with modded system files, I like to personalize my gui. And third I'd like to state the problem then ask for help.

Okay well I was running Bryce 5 and moddeld some nice motains with commets and stuff so I wanted render it. I first went to it's options and maxed out all of it's options so the pic can look it's best. (I have done this before and it worked.) So then I started rendering...the render stoped about half way on it's first loop. I didn't know why so I opend up Task manager to see if I was running something that interupted it. I noticed that bryce 5's priority was at "low" when it was at normal yesterday...this was odd. So I looked at taskmanagers priority and that was set to "high". So I simply set bryce 5's priority back to normal and re-renderd the image..then it stop on the same loop but this time it did more...I opend up task manager and it was back to LOW !!!! And tm was back to high! I thought I had some pesky adware or something messing with my system so I ran spy sweeper and it found 18 bots, so I deleted all of them. And ran bryce agian and the same thing happend. I do not think this has anything to do with my system files. My questions is how the hell can I make the app stay at the priority that I make it...all apps are scrwed. Must I go to windows update and lose my modded system files are do I need to reinstall windows becuase there is no hope.... Also Id like to say that all other apps sufer from this aswell and I can't back up and reinstall now cause I have no cds.....please someone really SMART help a kid out.... :cry:

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 20, 2004 8:06 pm 
Boy in Black
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SMART? Leaves me out...

Bryce specific: Check for updates and patches. Then, I'd say to back up bryce and re-install the program, then see if it renders even a small model. Try a really simple landscape. If it does, great; try a bigger one that you've already compiled again. Again, if it works great. If not, then we go on to the other issues you speak of (you DID mean that other programs are affected besides bryce, right?

I'm leary of your methods of tweaking the GUI. Regestry hacks can turn bad quite often. But I won't point to that so quickly. I'd rather think that you're having hardware config problems. Something else in Windows is demanding High priority and kicks Bryce around like a rag doll. Low priority is not a bad thing. It lets the real priorities run and keep windows afloat. Just because you think that rendering a mountain is a high priority that needs done, windows may think otherwise.

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