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 Post subject: Re: Chimp Challenge 2013 Notice
PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, 2013 11:51 am 
Team Member Top 100
Team Member Top 100

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I agree it's quite different, and thanks for your reply. Maybe next year.

Every race needs a name, and since the winner gets to have the "Jaded Monkey", the name is still arguably appropriate. The Chimp Challenge is still the first and largest, multiple team folding race.

 Post subject: Re: Chimp Challenge 2013 Notice
PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, 2013 12:18 pm 

Joined: Fri Mar 16, 2012 5:19 pm
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We'll keep the name and the jaded monkey as the reward for purposes of continuity

1 the main purpose is to increase public awareness for F@H
2. bring new teams into competition
3 bring in new folders
4. have friendly race - even if handicapped to be made more fair
(if you want a straight PPD race again then push for it)

5. Team friendliness/cooperation
I'd rather have friendly banter than as you say "snarky responses" and creating blood fueds
(exactly the opposite attitude for creating or having a contest of any sort)

remember when you asked people to fold for your fallen comrade "Gordon" and his wife - you had plenty of folders from different teams fold in honor
you want to lose that by creating hostilities with attitude
the best way to have friends and people to do stuff like that is having discussions and contests together - it builds bridges

tough to go to other teams and ask to fold in honor for a fallen comrade when you don't build bridges/make friends...
like why would I help someone I don't know or a team I don't know or fold for someone I didn't know...
for instance I could have a fallen comrade
"I could say" he was an angel that did good deeds and did wonders for the folding community - and it could be a complete lie - just to get people to fold for my team or my cause - ...like who is this team?"

be thankful Gordon was the REAL DEAL and many knew him well and many folded for him
I wish we had many more like him

prime example
what this has done for me is build friends with others outside my team
We go help other teams when they ask (provide it's not in competition with my own)

6. variation in the contest is going to happen - what your asking for is like the constitution or laws to remain in place like stone
if that was the case blacks would have no rights and women couldn't vote
things change - the contest has to move with the times
EVGA realizes that a strsight PPD is not fair to others - but so can other types of contest be unfair to us
it trying to find a balance that accomodates all the teams and brings in new ones

7.changing names to much a hassle - configuration errors- lost work and then switch back
the idea is to bring more in that wouldn't fold - that means those that wouldn't switch names or new teams that won't do it
grow the number of teams and participation

simple reason grow the teams, the contest, awareness and help F@H
this increases the chance for finding cures or helps fight disease

If a person doesn't want to fold - then don't
if you don't care - then don't punish your team
you can fold as you normally would - it's those that wish to can join using the entire teams output while ramping up their own

I don't know ....when did all the fun leave?
why can't we just fold, have fun in a contest - you don't lose any points and just have some honest good time for a change
it's no different than folding normally now - just we ramp up with a handicap/format of some sort
nothing to track other than team production now

If your team is out - that's OK - we still understand
that doesn't mean I can't try to convince you again every year

 Post subject: Re: Chimp Challenge 2013 Notice
PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, 2013 7:02 pm 
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Team Member Top 100
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Adak & Xavier Zepherious,

My apologies for my previous post sounding hateful, if it came across that way. That was not my intention.

Xavier, I don't think anyone will disagree with points 1 through 5. Your comments regarding Gordon are very poignant and give me pause for introspection.

I was not here for the first few Challenges. In representing the team in the last years we participated, though, I tried to put myself in the position of the originators of the competition and understand how they felt to have nearly every aspect of the Challenge changed until the only things that remain untouched are the name and the prize (and there was even talk about different prizes when the idea of a tiered competition was contemplated.) For these people, they have lost the things they connected with during the earliest incarnations.

I've struggled for way too long trying to word this in a way that conveys the general feeling of the team without being as off putting as I was earlier. So, I'll stop here. Just know I'll be watching from the sidelines and hoping the F@H program reaps huge benefits from this year's CC. Good luck to all of the teams.

 Post subject: Re: Chimp Challenge 2013 Notice
PostPosted: Thu Mar 14, 2013 1:43 pm 
Monkey Federation (Top 10)*
Monkey Federation (Top 10)*
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Since I was one of the original three, I'll paraphrase for your FT..

You guys fucked up what was once a fun lighthearted contest. Go see the discussions in our gauntlet section for each challenge. You're more than welcome to invite us back each year but until there is a new generation of folders in here that don't remember the greatness that once was the Chimo Challenge, you'll have a rough go of it.

With that said, fold on.

 Post subject: Re: Chimp Challenge 2013 Notice
PostPosted: Thu Mar 14, 2013 8:27 pm 

Joined: Fri Mar 16, 2012 5:19 pm
Posts: 9
Thx for the clarification Full_Taoer

Just to help in the same spirit you apologized ( felt it) I will too... I did react a little strong too - in defense
your team has been great - Even when you do come and visit on EVGA

the only way to get over bad feelings/hatred/enemy mentality is thru dialogue and talking
which is one of the main goals for having contests - friendship and developing ties to the other teams

OCF is bringing in a new team - this is what we want more teams talking and doing things together
just like our DC group does - and we go on treks in our DC group with them - crunching for different teams - special causes

this is not a war against each other it a war against cancer,viruses and diseases

Yes we understand the chimp is not the same anymore...many on my team reflect that as well...many wish it go back to the original
We have a hard time getting people on our team to do it because of that

like I said many EVGA members would like to go back to the original contest - but the other teams would not....sounds like a dilemma to me
new teams that want to join don't like it the old format - another dilemma

in the interest of Enlarging the contest and bringing in new teams we have to accept it can't go back to the old format (even tho EVGA would love a straight PPD race again)

this is not a contest for a few original teams - that want to keep it the way it was - nor for EVGA or [H] to dictate terms that no one but them can win the trophy

also in interest of fairness and for the future growth of the contest (or even other inter-team contest that might come up) it's better to try finding a better format and way for the teams to have contests together

no sense running a contest where everyone know who wins - why would new teams join? to be in last place?

if your wonder about other inter-team contests ...EVGA is contemplating other contests that other teams can join while still folding for their own teams
we ran TZC last year allowing members from other teams to fold for their own team for their own Time zone (North american time zones only)
worked out great

we'll see if interest is there again for further expansion

Now that said - there are choices

Im only going to post positive ones

you can remain out and watch for another year to see how it works

you could also not do any inter-team competitions again and just fold for your goals that your teams sets - that's because we are all doing the right thing by folding anyways - you don't need to qualify it by doing stuff like this

you can also join it and help develop a better system

Since you have decided again this year to stay out
All I can say is have a great year of folding, don't ever stay too far out of touch from the other teams
and have plenty of fun folding, do your best to help others and help find cures

Once again I will note.... I will pop in next year (I may also pop in for other inter-teams if we have them) - so expect it and hopefully we can start off a little better in this discussion

 Post subject: Re: Chimp Challenge 2013 Notice
PostPosted: Sun Mar 24, 2013 2:51 pm 
Monkey Federation (Top 10)*
Monkey Federation (Top 10)*
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Sounds like all the fun has been sucked out of the Chimp Challenge to the point that it is a sterile version of what used to be a very fun race. 'Tis a sad day for simians everywhere.

 Post subject: Re: Chimp Challenge 2013 Notice
PostPosted: Sun Mar 24, 2013 5:11 pm 
Folding for Elena
Folding for Elena
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yeah folding for parts kind of ruined it for me
look I get it,
its all good if it happens it is folding that got done
but the last few years have just proven what happens when you let too many
"people" act like they are in charge.

the "chimps" were always in charge
nobody else should have even been given the time of day
if you dont like their game, go play someplace else.

I turned my folders off with the passing of GSmithman and all he brought to us. I just lacked the will to go on with out him.

Now, if we looking for May 5 start and a 7 day run, if we get a few of the OG"chimps" back I may just be willing to run one more time.

It's been a long time since I have folded, but the gear is here, more or less. I may even purchase a high horsepower video card if there is one in the 400 range that will massively make it worth it.

Convince me. To be honest, Even the forums have lost their luster for me with the close of the lounge.

 Post subject: Re: Chimp Challenge 2013 Notice
PostPosted: Wed Apr 10, 2013 11:20 am 
Team Member Top 500
Team Member Top 500
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I also agree with whathuhitwasntme, I know I have not been active in a very long time. Without Gordon, I would not have been here for as long as I was. I was not an original monkey, but I participated in the original Chimp Challenge, just not any since. I am just getting back into folding and I will say, these forums are not what they used to be 3 years ago.

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