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 Post subject: HowLight (Number 1) WikingTOR
PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2011 1:58 am 
Folding for Elena
Folding for Elena
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Image Image Image

(Q) What part of the world do you fold in?

I fold in Europe, Norway, Oslo!

Here is a 27 gigapixel photo of Oslo -


Can you spot WikingTOR? ;)

Learn more about Oslo Click Here






WikingTOR informed me that the photo I selected off the Internet was an old ski jump
that had been torn down and replaced.

Here are two views of the replacement.
Obviously in Norway they take their winter sports very seriously.



(Q)Is any of your folding done at your business location or your home and do any
friends or relatives add to your production?

Its done on all locations actually. I started several years ago with just one computer
after reading an article about folding in the magazine. I was infact wondering if I
should join a Norwegian team or 11108 and for a period I folded a few WU for a
Norwegian team before I decided I belonged in 11108. So over the years I have talked
with friends and family and have set it up to fold automatically when the computer is
on. I also administer some computers @ work that I can fold on. I do however wish I
could fold on some servers like this featuring a CPU yet to be released for the
public, but unfortunately, I cannot, at least not yet.


(Q) Do you use any kind of production monitoring software?

I have been thinking about this but I’m pretty busy both in my private life and work
so I do it as easy as possible, like checking my stats now and then to see if its
somewhat expected! If its not I will start hunting.

(Q) Hardware description of each machine listed.

I fold on a wide range of computers but its mostly dual and quad cores and all CPU's
are folding due to the fact I go with easy and automatically without any interference
from the user.

(Q) What's is your normal day like maintaining all your production?

Not much once I set it up properly

(Q) Do you have any procedure you use to beat the heat?

Heat is not that much of an issue here in Norway as it is in some parts of USA I can
imagine, so there is really no need for it.

(Q) Do you have to fold less when the heat is at it's worse?

I would cheer if it gets so warm that I have to do that (or maybe not as I am not used
to it!)

(Q) Do you have any tips or warnings to pass along to the team that you learned the
hard way?

For me personally it works best to go the easy way and set it up automatically as a

(Q) Do you visit the forum often and do you post?

I try to visit the forum daily and I appreciate seeing the posts there although I do
not always have time to write or say something, I read most posts.

I did like the post about facebook group and I would like to see more people there it
is always nice to see a face behind a nick (or maybe not!) If you want to see my ugly
mug shot you will find me there!!! ? (If you want to add me as friend feel free to do
so but your nick in a personal messages would be appreciated!)

(Q) Why do you fold?

I started folding because I’m in general interested in science and if I can do my
little share of helping humanity to beat for example cancer that would awesome.
Unfortunately, I have experienced this first hand, as I lost my father a few years ago
and there was nothing the doctors could do, but maybe in 10 years they can cure people
with the same diagnose and that’s a big motivational factor for me. Who knows you can
be folding for yourself in the future but lets hope that we all stay young and healthy

(Q) Would you tell something about yourself?

I’m a (handsome!!) guy in my mid thirties enjoying life as best as I can!
I work with IT and I am passionate about computers (doh). I like to game but I do not
have time to play as much as I used to do. For many years, I played Return To Castle
Wolfenstein quite competitive and practice a few hours each day and even run a game
league here in Europe. I do not have time for that now instead I focus on other things
like exercising and staying healthy although after I got my new 3D TV I have gained a
little weight but nothing beats playing a 3D game with some nice beer and snacks! (I
had to buy a PS3 and motorstorm 3D in real 3D rocks!)

I like to try new things so this year I have started to sing in a choir and that is
actually very nice. It gives me good energy and it is a blast when we all sing, as we
should ;), my first live performance will be in May and I looking forward to that with
mixed feelings. (We will be doing some choiring live on stage for a musician so I’m
jumping right into it)

Another hobby I’ve started with lately is to make glass jewelry and its really nice to
be able to give homemade presents to women, specially since they seldom think it me
that made it initially.




Thanks for the interview and I hope someone will find it interesting.

I'm sure everyone will find it interesting, I surely did.
64 dual cores and quads running here, there and everywhere.
Effort required - Not much once I set it up properly.
Amazing !

I added a few extra pictures of Oslo and the Wiki link since so few of us will likely see it in person.
Also I love seeing folders from all over the world and where they live.
I liked seeing AL's place in Cleveland, Ohio but Oslo, Norway is a bit more exciting.
Now Al's many photos of his family's neighborhood in New Orleans after the flood, that
was informative and from the heart.

WikingTOR shared lots of personal information and offered to have anyone visit his Facebook page.
None of that is required in A HowLight.

I asked for pictures of some of the jewelry he made, really nice looking pieces of jewelry.

You only need to tell us a City nearby and then answer questions about how you produce
those points you do for the team.

WikingTOR, our largest producer at this time was kind enough to kick things off when I asked.
You may only have 1, 2 or 3 machines running and all at home.
That's fine.
How you make it happen will inspire others to give it a try.
Remember, WikingTOR said he started with one machine also.
What you have learned
Why you fold
All who contribute will make it real for all those considering giving it a try.

I'm accepting volunteers
If none appear, I'll seek one of you out and put you on the spot.

That's it - the first HowLight

 Post subject: Re: HowLight (Number 1) WikingTOR
PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2011 6:41 am 
Malware specialist
Malware specialist
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Nice first HowLight.

I couldn't imagine running that many clients. It is hard enough to maintain a couple.

 Post subject: Re: HowLight (Number 1) WikingTOR
PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2011 2:24 pm 
Folding for Elena
Folding for Elena
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Very nice and enjoyable profile of our Norwegian teammate. Bravo!

 Post subject: Re: HowLight (Number 1) WikingTOR
PostPosted: Wed May 18, 2011 8:25 am 
Team Member Top 100
Team Member Top 100

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Agreed. That was a very nice read. Oslo looks like a great place to live.

Thanks for sharing!

 Post subject: Re: HowLight (Number 1) WikingTOR
PostPosted: Thu May 19, 2011 7:09 am 
Team Member Top 10
Team Member Top 10
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thanks for those nice words, I couldn't help noticing that this post was made on our Constitution Day, dunno if that was intentional or not! :)

 Post subject: Re: HowLight (Number 1) WikingTOR
PostPosted: Fri May 20, 2011 6:08 pm 
Team Member Top 10
Team Member Top 10
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well done, it looks beautiful there, i like the jewelery too, you have talent.

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