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 Post subject: Editor Chat Transcript August 5, 2005
PostPosted: Sat Aug 06, 2005 5:52 pm 
All Your Basestar Are Belong to Us
All Your Basestar Are Belong to Us
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7:12:59 PM JOSHNOREM: *MSG* hello everyone
7:13:05 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* Hi Josh
7:13:06 PM LokNess: *MSG* Hello
7:13:10 PM justmonkey23: *MSG* yello
7:13:11 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *MSG* hey
7:13:11 PM SPAM: *MSG* Aloha
7:13:12 PM jawa78: *MSG* hi
7:13:14 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* Can Will chat or is he having problems?
7:13:18 PM One4yu2c: *MSG* heya
7:13:25 PM Dude-X: *MSG* hi
7:13:29 PM GONZINATOR: *MSG* jeebus this chat is laggy
7:13:41 PM Dude-X: *MSG* on my end chat looks fine.
7:13:42 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* hurrah... Will, ignore my voicemail :)
7:13:43 PM LokNess: *PART* Left room.
7:13:45 PM bad_boy: *JOIN* Entered room.
7:13:52 PM jawa78: *MSG* gonzinator, try java 1.5
7:14:03 PM JOSHNOREM: *MSG* doesn't seem slow to me
7:14:10 PM JOSHNOREM: *MSG* Will is lagged out
7:14:19 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* It's slow on anything that isn't DMY2k05
7:14:25 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *MSG* not slow for me either
7:14:29 PM Dude-X: *MSG* haha chams
7:14:36 PM SPAM: *MSG* usererror
7:14:53 PM JOSHNOREM: *MSG* Will is a newb. It's fine for me too
7:14:54 PM jawa78: *MSG* Delphi did something to there applet I found java 1.4 to be laggy no matter what OS
7:14:56 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *PART* Left room.
7:14:58 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *JOIN* Entered room.
7:15:16 PM jawa78: *MSG* 1.5 seems to correct the problem espeically on linux
7:15:17 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* well, if anyone has any questions for Josh, please go ahead
7:15:18 PM LokNess: *MSG* I rather have the monarch system
7:15:25 PM JOSHNOREM: *MSG* Logan will be here shortly
7:15:32 PM SPAM: *MSG* well delphi chat is not the premiere chat either
7:15:56 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* josh, do you know Logan's username... I want to make sure he has chat mod privs
7:16:03 PM JOSHNOREM: *MSG* Ask us questions or we'll start cancelling subscriptions
7:16:13 PM LokNess: *MSG* ok
7:16:14 PM NASCARFAN18: *MSG* I can't find the maxpc mag anywhere up here
7:16:17 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* how long does it take to cancel a subscription?
7:16:29 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* nascar-- where do you live?
7:16:31 PM SPAM: *MSG* I have a ?
7:16:36 PM JOSHNOREM: *MSG* I have a red phone line direct to circulation
7:16:37 PM NASCARFAN18: *MSG* bethlehem NH
7:16:41 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *MSG* I had to cancel mine anyway...wasn't getting the magazines
7:16:44 PM logandecker: *JOIN* Entered room.
7:16:51 PM LokNess: *MSG* Question
7:16:53 PM NASCARFAN18: *MSG* guns and ammo, red flannel news and buckskin hunter...sure
7:17:00 PM NASCARFAN18: *MSG* but any tech mags, forget it
7:17:04 PM jawa78: *MSG* Ok can we have a hard liner opion article like what alex st john use to do for Boot.
7:17:12 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* ACTION if you have a question, please preface it with the name of the editor you wish to direct it to
7:17:19 PM LokNess: *MSG* why didn't you guys try that new Zalman hsf
7:17:29 PM JOSHNOREM: *MSG* You don't think Tom Mcdonald or Halfhill have "hard" opinions?
7:17:37 PM SPAM: *MSG* What is the future plans of the mag? as in content and stuff? will you be going into more depth on more things like water, and vapo?
7:18:06 PM jawa78: *MSG* Josh maybe it just Alex's writing style. Only reason why I have a cpu sub
7:18:08 PM JOSHNOREM: *MSG* We didn't have the new Zalman HSF because it's not ready yet and even if it was they haven't been sending us products at all
7:18:19 PM gordonung: *JOIN* Entered room.
7:18:20 PM Dude-X: *MSG* Will Smith: a few past issues were rife with printing errors. Some include the logos for Positive/negative reviews, and other little graphics.
7:18:21 PM logandecker: *MSG* Did you know that your stomach lining is replaced every two weeks so you don't digest yourself?
7:18:37 PM Dude-X: *MSG* Who is responsible for quality control
7:18:39 PM NASCARFAN18: *MSG* I'd like to see more security related news, tips and practices
7:18:53 PM JOSHNOREM: *MSG* The future plan for the mag is more of the same pretty much. We' won't be getting more into water and vapo, but we are now covering CPU cooling as a full beat
7:18:56 PM logandecker: *MSG* what kind of security issues?
7:18:56 PM gordonung: *MSG* Screw all you guys. I am leaving for the Concord Law School
7:19:00 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* GANG. Please wait until the most recent question is answered
7:19:14 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* gordon, I can give you good advice for law school
7:19:15 PM GONZINATOR: *PART* Left room.
7:19:23 PM NASCARFAN18: *MSG* eh, just software to look out for, safe computing tips
7:19:28 PM NASCARFAN18: *MSG* that kinda stuff
7:19:47 PM JOSHNOREM: *MSG* Will is responsible for quality control, ultimately, but we all look at the magazine several times before it goes out.
7:20:02 PM GONZINATOR: *JOIN* Entered room.
7:20:03 PM NASCARFAN18: *MSG* I say we take up a fund raiser to get gonz a better computer or internet connection
7:20:06 PM logandecker: *MSG* gotcha... yeah, that's a really good idea
7:20:16 PM Cstar: *JOIN* Entered room.
7:20:20 PM SPAM: *MSG* I have always thought of MPC as being more for enthusiasts, yet it really doesn't go into alot of depth for hardcore enthusiasts
7:20:22 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* Josh-- what's the biggest blunder MPC ever made in terms of a misprint?
7:20:47 PM gordonung: *MSG* cover misprint
7:20:51 PM Dude-X: *MSG* ACTION opens up September issue :)
7:20:56 PM SPAM: *MSG* ACTION sends Will a new computer
7:21:05 PM gordonung: *MSG* it was in the november issue of 1998
7:21:13 PM JOSHNOREM: *MSG* Chams..i don't know. That's a good question for Will or Gordon
7:21:18 PM logandecker: *MSG* sorry to be a little off-topic, but I just want to emphasize that our emails are available on the web site, and everyone is welcome to suggest anything at any time. we're nothing without feedback
7:21:19 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* ouch, that hurts gordon
7:21:20 PM GONZINATOR: *MSG* it a stippid tardedst
7:21:33 PM gordonung: *MSG* no one noticed though
7:21:34 PM LokNess: *MSG* ?, Have you guys tried Verizon FIOS and compared it to DSL and cable?
7:21:48 PM logandecker: *MSG* one time we printed a phone number incorrectly... it turned out to be a phone sex line
7:21:50 PM logandecker: *MSG* oops
7:21:54 PM SPAM: *MSG* hahahhahahha
7:21:54 PM NASCARFAN18: *MSG* oopsie
7:21:55 PM One4yu2c: *MSG* lol
7:22:02 PM SPAM: *MSG* that is classic
7:22:02 PM GONZINATOR: *MSG* d java
7:22:10 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* really? what issue? (runs to go see)
7:22:12 PM gordonung: *MSG* fios: no sch luck...
7:22:12 PM logandecker: *MSG* the company was very gracious about it
7:22:28 PM gordonung: *MSG* it was a review of a pda...
7:22:28 PM NASCARFAN18: *MSG* (ya, that phone bill was horrible that month for me)
7:22:31 PM logandecker: *MSG* it was a PDA i think about two years ago... gordon, do you remember?
7:22:46 PM SPAM: *MSG* ACTION always wondered why he got charged 9.99 a minute for calling that place when all he heard was moaning
7:22:54 PM LokNess: *MSG* damn Verizon won't offer me the service since I live in the hood
7:23:16 PM RAVEN457: *JOIN* Entered room.
7:23:17 PM jawa78: *MSG* Josh, Can we have more Linux related articles, I am not talking full blown but there is enough going on to have one good content packed article a issue
7:23:26 PM SPAM: *MSG* Raven is here hide your children
7:23:33 PM toidiochysp: *JOIN* Entered room.
7:23:40 PM LokNess: *MSG* Sup raven
7:23:40 PM toidiochysp: *MSG* wow theres a lot of people here
7:23:42 PM Raven: *MSG* sup dudes
7:23:52 PM SPAM: *MSG* hey JJJ long time no spy
7:24:00 PM JOSHNOREM: *MSG* Jawa, that is doubtful. We are Maximum PC after all, and since we are a national magazine with a diverse audience, we can't afford to use that much space every issue
7:24:02 PM LokNess: *MSG* last time I was here with raven I was a NEO
7:24:05 PM JOSHNOREM: *MSG* for a topic with limited national interest
7:24:21 PM NASCARFAN18: *MSG* good point
7:24:24 PM toidiochysp: *MSG* i almost forgot about this i was playing KOTOR
7:24:29 PM jawa78: *MSG* Josh, then tell imagine publishing to bring back Max Linux
7:24:44 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* Jawa, I think it died for a reason...
7:24:48 PM JOSHNOREM: *MSG* I'll get right on that Jawa
7:24:51 PM gordonung: *MSG* i still have my max linux messenger bag...
7:24:52 PM Raven: *MSG* lol Chams :D
7:25:01 PM SPAM: *MSG* we don't want linux in our mag, it is called maximum PC after all, not maximum Linux
7:25:10 PM jawa78: *MSG* Boot had linux
7:25:15 PM gordonung: *MSG* well, a pc can run any os
7:25:32 PM gordonung: *MSG* But we do have a new mag coming out: Maximum OS/2
7:25:36 PM SPAM: *MSG* yes but that doesn't make Linux any better;)
7:25:38 PM LokNess: *MSG* Josh, any upcomming issues with more portable video players?
7:25:40 PM NASCARFAN18: *MSG* I still have a BeOS machine running
7:25:49 PM NASCARFAN18: *MSG* it just sits there
7:25:50 PM Dude-X: *MSG* haha max os/2...
7:25:51 PM gordonung: *MSG* ahh...just downloaded that new beos personal last week
7:25:52 PM JOSHNOREM: *MSG* Ask Logan about that...logs?
7:26:03 PM gordonung: *MSG* didn't have a floppy in the machine though so I gave up
7:26:17 PM Dude-X: *MSG* gordon, Zeta has completed the new BeOS update
7:26:25 PM logandecker: *MSG* oh yeah, tons of new portable video players on the way!
7:26:26 PM Dude-X: *MSG* check that one out
7:26:30 PM gordonung: *MSG* poor be..apple should have bought be instead
7:26:33 PM LokNess: *MSG* Great
7:26:38 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* Gordon, I haven't seen DMY2K05 yet... was it Intel based or AMD?
7:26:41 PM jawa78: *MSG* Dude-x wrong Zeta is crap as they dont have the source code
7:26:47 PM gordonung: *MSG* transmeta based
7:26:48 PM logandecker: *MSG* the one from archos is so foxy you'll pitch a tent
7:26:54 PM gordonung: *MSG* 18 transmeta crusoe cpus
7:26:56 PM GONZINATOR_2: *JOIN* Entered room.
7:27:01 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* good god, it finally works
7:27:05 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* stupid java
7:27:05 PM gordonung: *MSG* effective performance of a pentium II 400
7:27:05 PM NASCARFAN18: *MSG* lol
7:27:14 PM Dude-X: *MSG* Zeta bought the license for the source code
7:27:15 PM LokNess: *MSG* I was looking at an Archos
7:27:27 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* one would think that installing the latest version of Java is a good thing, but now I know, to work with Delphi I need to use the version that MS shipped in 1997
7:27:28 PM SPAM: *MSG* P2 400?
7:27:29 PM logandecker: *MSG* also, creative's new video player looks great... they ditched M'soft's portable media center
7:27:35 PM toidiochysp: *PART* Left room.
7:27:37 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* but... it's a dual transmeta, right?
7:27:44 PM SPAM: *MSG* I throw anything away under 2ghz nowadays
7:27:45 PM Dude-X: *MSG* yeah will smith, i use MS VM for this chat
7:27:53 PM NASCARFAN18: *MSG* same here
7:28:03 PM logandecker: *MSG* LokNess - Hang on! The new one is only a month or two away, and it's stunning.
7:28:04 PM SPAM: *MSG* can't sell them and noone wants them
7:28:12 PM Dude-X: *MSG* btw guys, i really like the september issue
7:28:16 PM logandecker: *MSG* widescreen, extremely slim
7:28:28 PM gordonung: *MSG* Thx.
7:28:36 PM LokNess: *MSG* Logan will the Video players use DRM to limit what can be played?
7:28:36 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* thanks Dude-X
7:28:41 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *MSG* Does anyone know if Nvidia will be supporting the Apple 30 inch display
7:28:42 PM logandecker: *MSG* natalie and boni worked their butts off on the redesign, and it shows
7:28:42 PM LokNess: *MSG* ok
7:28:44 PM gordonung: *MSG* I was just asking adobe about how come their AMD performance sux
7:28:45 PM Dude-X: *MSG* when did it get the new layout?
7:28:49 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* and katherine too
7:28:58 PM gordonung: *MSG* nvidia does with its 512mb cards
7:28:59 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *MSG* I have a 7800GTX SLI setup and really want that monitor
7:29:07 PM Dude-X: *MSG* ah so september is the first redesign. i really like it
7:29:08 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* the layout change happened in the September issue... plus the introduction of R&D and the new whitepaper
7:29:10 PM gordonung: *MSG* I haven't asked about 7800gtx...but i imagine they will
7:29:15 PM SPAM: *MSG* didn't adobe make Intel optimizations
7:29:18 PM toidiochysp: *JOIN* Entered room.
7:29:19 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* I desperately searched far and wide today to get the sept. issue,but to no avail
7:29:20 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *MSG* so they won't be with any 256 cards?
7:29:26 PM gordonung: *MSG* Intel has access to adobe source code...soooo
7:29:31 PM SPAM: *MSG* ohhhh
7:29:31 PM toidiochysp: *MSG* ati's mmc needs to rot in hell
7:29:33 PM gordonung: *MSG* but they say they're talking to amd more and more these days
7:29:37 PM logandecker: *MSG* Lok-Ness - For right now, only minimally (they won't let you record DVDs or anything with a Macrovision stamp). Except for the ones from Korea of course.
7:29:42 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* how big attachments can I send you? I'll shoot you the PDFs
7:29:45 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* oops
7:29:48 PM NASCARFAN18: *MSG* you can say that again toidio
7:29:48 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* <-- n00b
7:29:53 PM logandecker: *MSG* But later on, you can bet the pressure will be on to add DRM.
7:29:55 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* ATTN: everyone please slow down, let the editors respond to questions
7:30:12 PM NASCARFAN18: *MSG* I fought for hours getting my wifes machine up and running with mmc 9. whatever it is now
7:30:20 PM SPAM: *MSG* AMD ispretty good, as long as they don't fall on there heads like they did before, they keep this up we will all benifit, but they still make crap mobile chips compared to Intel
7:30:21 PM gordonung: *MSG* please wait for the ad on the bottom to refresh too so we generate maximum revenue...
7:30:21 PM LokNess: *MSG* TY logan
7:30:33 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* we don't make any money off delphi's site :P
7:30:41 PM logandecker: *MSG* did you know octopi can bite? hurts like hell.
7:30:42 PM gordonung: *MSG* yeah...i'm going to look at turion vs. pentium m soon
7:30:44 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* so the faster we pack this in, the less money we give them...
7:31:01 PM LokNess: *MSG* lol
7:31:07 PM toidiochysp: *PART* Left room.
7:31:08 PM SPAM: *MSG* when Dothan gets replaced Intel's mobile will rule
7:31:10 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* so, what are we not covering that you'd like to see more of?
7:31:15 PM NASCARFAN18: *MSG* this is way better than yahoo chat
7:31:18 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* WORKSTATIONS
7:31:19 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* I know that jawa is going to say Linux stuff..
7:31:20 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *MSG* memory
7:31:21 PM One4yu2c: *MSG* Overclocking :D
7:31:26 PM gordonung: *MSG* yeah, hard to see amd catching up to Intel's pentium M
7:31:28 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* the dream machine this year is a workstation chams
7:31:31 PM NASCARFAN18: *MSG* overclocking
7:31:32 PM SPAM: *MSG* Enthusiast High overclocking hardcore stuff Will
7:31:39 PM calimerodm: *JOIN* Entered room.
7:31:46 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* Johnnie_blue: We have a big RAM feature in the October issue too
7:31:50 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* Will, have you seen PC enthusiast magazine?
7:31:53 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *MSG* awesome
7:32:02 PM NASCARFAN18: *MSG* maybe an article on the best overclockers under say, $250
7:32:03 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *MSG* people don't realize how vast memory is
7:32:03 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* one of our long-term members, mocoman, is a writer for it
7:32:08 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* it's very hardcore
7:32:08 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* yeah, someone from commport writes for them, right?
7:32:11 PM logandecker: *MSG* "PC Enthusiast"? Sounds like Home & Garden. Eech.
7:32:12 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *MSG* even DDR400 modules
7:32:23 PM LokNess: *MSG* Moco doesn't anymore
7:32:29 PM gordonung: *MSG* who puts out pc enthusiast?
7:32:36 PM JOSHNOREM: *MSG* Is that magazine related to PC Admirer?
7:32:46 PM logandecker: *MSG* Or PC Fancy?
7:32:48 PM toidiochysp_3: *JOIN* Entered room.
7:32:48 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* you can be super-hardcore if you're small... when you're on newsstands you have to go more mainstream
7:32:48 PM SPAM: *MSG* yes nascar, that and highest overclock $$$ wise, meaning the best performance per dollar with the solutions
7:32:58 PM jawa78: *MSG* Ok I dont know who to point this too, but my long term gripe is not enough content that I would happily pay say 2 dollars per issuse on my sub compared to one to have things like a regular Linux article or at least less adds
7:32:59 PM Dude-X: *MSG* i think the magazine can benefit if you talk about server technology every now and then like Chipkill, TCP Offloading Engine Network cards, etc. Just a casual glance at it will be cool
7:33:04 PM NASCARFAN18: *MSG* exactly spam
7:33:06 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* But, you can have a very hardcore article now and then
7:33:13 PM Raven: *MSG* if we wanted mainstream, we'd have bought dells Gonz
7:33:20 PM SPAM: *MSG* hahahhaha raven
7:33:24 PM gordonung: *MSG* PC Mainstream Magazine
7:33:29 PM Raven: *MSG* I'm serious
7:33:34 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* we do hardcore articles every now and then...
7:33:44 PM Raven: *MSG* right... more of them please :)
7:33:54 PM One4yu2c: *MSG* Ikandi Media puts out PCE Mag, if that rings a bell for anyone (I just looked in the mag)
7:33:57 PM logandecker: *MSG* The electric pickle was pretty hardcore
7:34:01 PM gordonung: *MSG* I wouldn't dis Dell too much. That who I send the inlaws too so I don't have to be free IT support
7:34:03 PM NASCARFAN18: *MSG* ok, I'm off to play americas Army
7:34:03 PM SPAM: *MSG* you used to do them every issue though, I think that is his point is all. I mean we aren't asking for the whole mag to be that, but how about a page or 2?
7:34:04 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* jawa: ads are part of the deal... for a buck an issue I think we deliver pretty good content, both on the hardcore and beginner side
7:34:07 PM NASCARFAN18: *MSG* good seeing you all
7:34:22 PM NASCARFAN18: *MSG* and ty Max PC
7:34:25 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* l8r nasar
7:34:29 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* Spam: that was one of the motivations behind the R&D section...
7:34:30 PM jawa78: *MSG* Gonzinator but I saying what could i get if we raised it to 2 dollars an issue
7:34:31 PM NASCARFAN18: *PART* Left room.
7:34:45 PM Dude-X: *MSG* honestly, i really like the wide breadth of the magazine. I don't keep up with the latest gizmos, so getting a brief summary or review of the latest g-whiz headphones is useful to me. Or the latest smartphone
7:34:50 PM jawa78: *MSG* that still like i 1/90 of what i spend on mocha lattes at starbucks a month
7:35:05 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* a hardcore whitepaper every month + the hardware autopsy where we take something apart and photograph it
7:35:06 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *MSG* what is the latest smartphone
7:35:14 PM SPAM: *MSG* Yes will i just think or it seems to me, that the enthusiast stuff got smaller and smaller when the basic stuff grew leaps and bounds is all
7:35:18 PM Dude-X: *MSG* beats me :p
7:35:18 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *MSG* seems like they put a hault on them for now
7:35:28 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* ATTN: EVERYONE
7:35:31 PM logandecker: *MSG* we just review a nice one from HP, but i can't talk about it yet...
7:35:33 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *MSG* although the new Nokia N91 looks awesome
7:35:38 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* I will now call you out one at a time to ask questios
7:35:41 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* questions even
7:35:55 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* please refrain from chatting until the editors answer
7:36:01 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* Calimerodm you first
7:36:05 PM logandecker: *MSG* i will answer no questions about tom cruise or scientology
7:36:08 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* it's hard to keep up... sorry guys
7:36:11 PM calimerodm: *MSG* hello
7:36:12 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* Free Katie!
7:36:15 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* hi there
7:36:32 PM calimerodm: *MSG* Perhaps you could open up some contests to us Canadians?
7:36:53 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* we can't do contests for canadians... you guys have weird laws, and they'd be difficult
7:36:55 PM Dude-X: *MSG* that means complying with canadian laws and paying more money for canadian lawyers
7:37:01 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* I'll see if we can have a canadian-only contest
7:37:13 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* justmonkey-- you are next
7:37:23 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* that might be possible... there's all sorts of goofy rules about games of chance vs. games of skill... it's a problem
7:37:26 PM JOSHNOREM: *MSG* Maybe we can give away a snowmobile or similar
7:37:31 PM logandecker: *MSG* canadians have universal health care... isn't that enough??!
7:37:39 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* don't make fun of Canadians guys
7:37:40 PM calimerodm: *MSG* hahaha
7:37:42 PM justmonkey23: *MSG* Just wondering if you have any more plans about folding at home?
7:37:43 PM calimerodm: *MSG* no
7:37:53 PM JOSHNOREM: *MSG* Or a "I live next to America" t-shirt
7:38:05 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* we'll continue to pimp folding @ home next month (November) probably in the news section
7:38:14 PM gordonung: *MSG* we had a power outage that shut down half of our folding machines over a weekend and we really haven't turned them back on yet...
7:38:19 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* we got a really good bump last time we did it, and I think we can smack Team Egg Roll if we do one or two more
7:38:24 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* dudex, you're net
7:38:26 PM justmonkey23: *MSG* ok that is what I like to hear
7:38:40 PM Dude-X: *MSG* Have you reviewd Creative's X-FI?
7:38:47 PM Dude-X: *MSG* or played with it in the lab
7:38:54 PM gordonung: *MSG* playing with it now...
7:38:54 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* we just got our final boards in... gordon's been testing it
7:39:03 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* full review (2 pages) will be in the November issue
7:39:09 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* gordo, can you give a little teaser?
7:39:11 PM gordonung: *MSG* sounds better than most HD Audio but that's not saying much...
7:39:36 PM logandecker: *MSG* I'm going to start doing home recording with the X-Fi this weekend
7:39:39 PM gordonung: *MSG* Software install doesn't crap up your desktop like creative usually does...
7:39:49 PM Dude-X: *MSG* how about dolby digital live like stuff
7:40:02 PM Dude-X: *MSG* that is DD encoding
7:40:08 PM gordonung: *MSG* There's some dolby digital support and DTS but I dont' believe there's any real-time encoding
7:40:12 PM logandecker: *MSG* The pro version has a great outboard module
7:40:15 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* they don't want to pay for the codec
7:40:20 PM gordonung: *MSG* all the cards are different this time too...
7:40:37 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* so it's not just 5 cards that are all the same with different bundles and breakout boxes
7:40:37 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* the floor is open for questions regarding x-fi
7:40:38 PM Dude-X: *MSG* any PCI-e cards from them soon, or will we have to wait
7:40:53 PM gordonung: *MSG* bare board is different from the "gamer" card and the music content creation card is different as well... so it won't be like the audigy 2
7:40:58 PM logandecker: *MSG* and it comes bundled with a great game... stop the creative applets from squatting on your drive!
7:41:18 PM gordonung: *MSG* Creative says x1 PCI-E has too much latency so they will probably wait until x4 slots get more common.
7:41:30 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* Jawa, please go ahead and ask your question
7:41:35 PM jawa78: *MSG* Yes I would like to know if it would be possible to have a complete online archive from the orginal boot to current. Preferabbly in PDF ?
7:41:48 PM Dude-X: *MSG* heh
7:41:49 PM gordonung: *MSG* they dropped the firewire support
7:42:08 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* from the original boot would be pretty difficult... we didn't start doing PDFs until a year or two ago
7:42:13 PM gordonung: *MSG* it does sound pretty good with headphones but they didn't qutie go all the way with the sensaura macrofx stuff...You can't turne it for your head that is
7:42:27 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* Jawa, you get one more question because the editors appreciate your feedback
7:42:27 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* we'd have to dig up a 10 year old version of quark express, and re PDF them all
7:42:46 PM jawa78: *MSG* Gon i will do it
7:42:55 PM jawa78: *MSG* I have 10 year old Quark
7:42:59 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* but we're going to try to get more of the old-content up....
7:43:06 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* One4yu is up next
7:43:15 PM One4yu2c: *MSG* I know this has been beaten to death on the forums every once in awhile, but are you any closer to offering MaxPC merchandise (T-shirts, hats, stickers, keychains, etc)?
7:43:19 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* and the fonts, and all the other stuff... we have some stuff cooking Jawa... will hopefully have some details by the end of the year
7:43:32 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* yes... there will be an announcement about that for sure One4yu2c
7:43:45 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* another question one4yu?
7:43:51 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* final details are being worked out now... no timeline, but soon
7:43:54 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* "when it's done"
7:44:00 PM One4yu2c: *MSG* That covered it Chams
7:44:04 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* Lokness, go ahead
7:44:22 PM LokNess: *MSG* Nothing right now
7:44:32 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* Raven? Questions for the editors?
7:44:44 PM Raven: *MSG* nope :)
7:44:48 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* I have a question...
7:44:51 PM logandecker: *MSG* bats always fly to the left
7:45:02 PM BioSin: *JOIN* Entered room.
7:45:02 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* wait until he asks the question logan :)
7:45:05 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* do you guys like the cooling coverage? are we doing too much?
7:45:17 PM Obsidian_MPC: *JOIN* Entered room.
7:45:19 PM BioSin: *PART* Left room.
7:45:20 PM LokNess: *MSG* I enjoy the cooling coverage
7:45:21 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *MSG* not enough
7:45:29 PM SPAM: *MSG* NOT ENOUGH caps meant:)
7:45:31 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* hello everyone
7:45:36 PM gordonung: *MSG* yo
7:45:39 PM JOSHNOREM: *MSG* Hey Obsidian
7:45:39 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* hi obsidian
7:45:40 PM logandecker: *MSG* howdy
7:45:46 PM Dude-X: *MSG* I am not a big time overclocker, but so i don't look for extreme solutions, so I Think the cooling coverage is adequate
7:45:50 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* I can always go for easy air-cooling Will
7:45:51 PM LokNess: *MSG* I like quiet cooling as oppossed to noise
7:45:53 PM jawa78: *MSG* I find it over done as i dont use a single source for cooling
7:45:59 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* are you guys more looking for quiet or super-cool?
7:46:03 PM SPAM: *MSG* can I make my comment question chams?
7:46:08 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* <-- goes for quiet as he gets older :)
7:46:10 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* I appreciate quiet cooling over OC'ed with more noise
7:46:10 PM One4yu2c: *MSG* balance between the two
7:46:12 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* you're up next slimy
7:46:23 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* let's finish will's question first
7:46:27 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *MSG* super-cool Gonz
7:46:30 PM SPAM: *MSG* both will, looking for cool, quiet and performance per dollar
7:46:32 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* that's good... next q
7:46:38 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* Slimy, go ahead
7:46:44 PM SPAM: *MSG* I hope you guys will more often add some more enthusiast stuff into mag, like for overclocking, $ for $ which cooling solution offers the best bang for buck, watercooling, vapo and so on and so forth, and reviews about those solutions. i would also like to see a modders type section one in while about modding there setup, or info about it, and not only cosmetic mods of case, internal. I originally saw you guys as a enthusiast mag, now it seems more basic is all.
7:47:04 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* a comparative review slimy?
7:47:08 PM SPAM: *MSG* yes
7:47:30 PM SPAM: *MSG* like this air cooling overclocks or gives this performance at this $, water does same at this $ and so on
7:47:33 PM logandecker: *MSG* I've got a question for y'all
7:47:36 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* we've been doing more cooling stuff.. overclocking is something we cover, but fairly rarely...
7:47:51 PM SPAM: *MSG* I know will, you used to do it alot though
7:47:53 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* part of it is that you guys are the hardest of the hardcore...
7:48:15 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* that goes triple for Slimy ... he's into stuff we can't mention in this forum
7:48:20 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* to my knowledge, we've only ever done two features on overclocking
7:48:25 PM SPAM: *MSG* I only hit 4ghz on my dual core Intel, not to hardcore;)
7:48:40 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* LET logan ask the question gang
7:48:46 PM logandecker: *MSG* We're seeing a lot of mini PCs lately... palm-sized PCs that run the WinXP Pro... does this kinda thing interest you folks?
7:48:55 PM LokNess: *MSG* yes
7:48:58 PM calimerodm: *MSG* only if i can build one
7:48:59 PM SPAM: *MSG* sort of
7:49:02 PM LokNess: *MSG* esay for travel
7:49:02 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *MSG* not really
7:49:08 PM LokNess: *MSG* easy
7:49:09 PM One4yu2c: *MSG* personally, no - not overly anyway
7:49:14 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *MSG* laptops are fine for travel IMO
7:49:22 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* They are too much of a compromise logan... if it's gonna be bigger than my treo650, it might as well be a real notebook, just MHO
7:49:22 PM SPAM: *MSG* obs did something you guys should look into, he watercooled a mini computer
7:49:28 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* for travel, and only if the price is right ... but it's not TOO maximum ... as far as PCs go ... but maximum as far as portability
7:49:28 PM SPAM: *MSG* not handheld but mini
7:49:32 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* send a link to rig@maximumpc.com
7:49:42 PM logandecker: *MSG* thanks... good to know!
7:49:43 PM LokNess: *MSG* don't like using laptops for a long period of time
7:49:52 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* I fully watercooled (internally) a Shuttle SFF system
7:49:54 PM logandecker: *MSG* slimy what do you mean by "mini?"
7:49:55 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* i'm still using it
7:49:57 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* from where I sit, portable can be maximum too, it just has to be super small and good battery life
7:49:59 PM SPAM: *MSG* shuttle
7:50:00 PM Dude-X: *MSG* logan, mini PCs don't interest me, but i think they should be reviewed for HTPC purposes, or in terms of powerful PDA/media players
7:50:00 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* with decent performance
7:50:22 PM SPAM: *MSG* I still dunno how obs fit it all inside the case either
7:50:23 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* I think logan was thinking more of the palmtops, right?
7:50:28 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* I'm using my watercooled shuttle as an HTPC it's almost totally silent and has been running for 1.5 years now
7:50:33 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* okay, toidiochysp asks the next question
7:50:34 PM logandecker: *MSG* gotcha... it's crazy how powerful some pdas are getting... the x50v has a frickin' graphics accelerator for pete's sake
7:50:38 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* that's impressive obs... they're tight
7:50:41 PM gordonung: *MSG* amd or Intel these days for you guys? or via shitty cpus?
7:50:53 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *MSG* AMD
7:50:54 PM calimerodm: *MSG* amd
7:50:55 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* very small space but doable if you custom the rig ... a lot
7:50:56 PM LokNess: *MSG* Both
7:50:58 PM justmonkey23: *MSG* amd
7:51:03 PM Dude-X: *MSG* amd/Intel... VIA chiips tend to be underperforming for HTPC roles
7:51:15 PM jawa78: *MSG* They are called Cyrix and My 1ghz C3 runs just as fast as my pII 400
7:51:34 PM gordonung: *MSG* the c3 is great for miniitx though...
7:51:47 PM gordonung: *MSG* not to be too mean to via in case they read this
7:51:47 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* but that's too slow for media encoding... good for fileserving and light webserver duties
7:51:51 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* Intel chip in my Shuttle still does render video pretty well (MPEG2) but the AMD 64 has since edged that out
7:51:59 PM SPAM: *MSG* ok editors I am out, I gotta buy computer parts for work and do the physical therapy thing, thanks for chatting with us
7:52:03 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* wait til you see the dual-cores obsidian
7:52:08 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* see ya spam
7:52:18 PM SPAM: *PART* Left room.
7:52:19 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* For HTPC, I think what matters most is the TV and speakers, and I think HomeTheater mag is probably better equipped to do those reviews
7:52:21 PM gordonung: *MSG* how many running 64-bit WIndoze?
7:52:29 PM jawa78: *MSG* C3 is old I tough they went to a new core. my c3 is like 3 years old
7:52:43 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* I'm looking forward to seeing how SFF systems handle the power requirements of our PCs in the near future
7:52:47 PM Dude-X: *MSG* i would run it if I had an amd64
7:52:59 PM calimerodm: *MSG* ditto
7:53:03 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *MSG* no RAID drivers from Nvidia
7:53:15 PM jawa78: *MSG* I run 64 bit optimize Gentoo Rice Racer Power Linux
7:53:16 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* okay, please let toidiochysp ask his question
7:53:25 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* Gonzinator is right though, the dual-core system will be great when they're affordable enough for us enthusiasts ;)
7:53:41 PM LokNess: *MSG* Im waiting for more 64 drivers
7:53:43 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* okay, we'll now move on to Ace
7:53:52 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* Any questions ACE?
7:54:10 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *MSG* What's the latest on the ATI Crossfire and 90nm video card
7:54:19 PM BioSin: *JOIN* Entered room.
7:54:22 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* we're still waiting on crossfire
7:54:24 PM gordonung: *MSG* anybody copying this chat?
7:54:30 PM Dude-X: *MSG* this chat is logged
7:54:33 PM gordonung: *MSG* oh...
7:54:34 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* BioSin will be next
7:54:38 PM BioSin: *PART* Left room.
7:54:42 PM gordonung: *MSG* crossfire rsn now
7:54:42 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* october issue
7:54:44 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* next to leave
7:54:44 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* news story
7:54:51 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* gryd wait
7:54:55 PM gordonung: *MSG* and on a non-ati chipset too
7:55:00 PM afkGrydlok: *MSG* ok
7:55:03 PM Dude-X: *MSG* i have a quick question, because I have to get going soon
7:55:04 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *MSG* will the 90nm vieo card work like people hope?
7:55:11 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *MSG* or will it be the next GeForceFX
7:55:11 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* Gryd is next after dude-x
7:55:15 PM afkGrydlok: *MSG* ok
7:55:15 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* we haven't tested any yet...
7:55:28 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *MSG* that transition is hitting ATI hard from what I have read
7:55:29 PM gordonung: *MSG* I've talked to people who think R520 will be too little too late...
7:55:41 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *MSG* yeild issues, etc etc
7:55:43 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* yeah, I'm hearing they have a leakage problems
7:55:45 PM gordonung: *MSG* leakge is also confirmed from a copule of people I talked too
7:55:45 PM Dude-X: *MSG* Windows Vista, does it have a "PDF" desktop, that is everything is a vector graphic like MacOSX PDF desktop
7:55:54 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* yes
7:56:03 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* interesting
7:56:04 PM Dude-X: *MSG* thanks
7:56:07 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* not exactly like OS X though... they do transparency a lot better
7:56:14 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* have a good one Dude-X
7:56:17 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* it's stupid fast at rendering with a X800
7:56:29 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* even at beta 1, which is a big change... XP beta 1 was dog slow IIRC
7:56:35 PM gordonung: *MSG* We've also tried to load the OSX Intel build on generic Intel hardware but it doesn't work...
7:56:38 PM logandecker: *MSG* the males of some species of ants don't have mouths because they won't live long enough to use them
7:56:51 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* okay, gryd, if I'm not mistaken, has some psu questions, and on that note I would like another psu roundup :)
7:56:52 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* you can run Vista on a Mac :D but you can't take pictures of it and put them on the web
7:57:07 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* hehe
7:57:12 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *MSG* I have to go guys...it was nice chatting with all the editors...take care
7:57:15 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* later Ace
7:57:16 PM gordonung: *MSG* alte
7:57:16 PM logandecker: *MSG* by ace!
7:57:17 PM gordonung: *MSG* late
7:57:17 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* see ya Ace
7:57:21 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* Grdy, you there?
7:57:23 PM afkGrydlok: *MSG* ?, The 850w psu in the DM05. Is that really practical
7:57:25 PM _[Johnnie_Blue][ACE]: *PART* Left room.
7:57:32 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* had to do it for that hardware
7:57:44 PM gordonung: *MSG* it's practical for two 7800's and two dual core processors
7:57:49 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* seriously it wouldn't run on less?
7:57:53 PM gordonung: *MSG* and five drive
7:58:22 PM afkGrydlok: *MSG* Im looking at theDM05 as the future
7:58:36 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* it would be interesting to know how many units of power those PSUs suck down ... I've started shutting down all non-HTPC computers at my place and I've saved around $20 in power costs (varies by location I'm sure)
7:58:39 PM afkGrydlok: *MSG* I can't justify the power bill fro, that
7:58:41 PM gordonung: *MSG* I'm guessing you'd be pushing it with a 500
7:58:53 PM gordonung: *MSG* and that's in our air conditioned lab...
7:59:02 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* it was pulling 300w idle
7:59:06 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* woah
7:59:08 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* from the socket
7:59:09 PM gordonung: *MSG* get the temps up and a 500 would probably pop
7:59:14 PM afkGrydlok: *MSG* sh@#
7:59:28 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* 300w idle that's just crazy talk
7:59:36 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* when you big file transfer and all those drives spin up, you could watch the power meter jump
7:59:54 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* when you start a big transfer that is
8:00:00 PM gordonung: *MSG* it was a lot of hardware though...it was probably a little overkill but better to be safe than sorry which is the lesson with PSU's.
8:00:05 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* Any plans for another PSU test, and if so, will you be doing things differently?
8:00:13 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* when we turned on folding on all four cores, it jumped too...
8:00:24 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* yes chams... we'll test them differently this time
8:00:26 PM Dude-X: *MSG* i would like to thank the editors for their time. I have to go now. One important issue I would like to see addressed is the copy protection schemes like HDCP for video displays and Trusted Computing. It would be good to educate users on it can effect them. Thanks. take care.
8:00:30 PM calimerodm: *MSG* this might require dedicate ciruit in your house
8:00:35 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* (and if SFF systems are still "in vogue" will you test their PSUs?)
8:00:41 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* believe me Dude-X... we're concerned about taht stuff too
8:00:50 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* that's why I took the time to learn about Linux...
8:00:51 PM logandecker: *MSG* bye dude
8:00:52 PM gordonung: *MSG* take a machine from today and hide it in your closet for the day when the content control people come
8:00:57 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* thanks dudex
8:01:00 PM One4yu2c: *MSG* On the next PSU roundup, I'd like to see one of Thermaltake's higher end units included
8:01:06 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* later Dude-X I share your HDCP concerns
8:01:10 PM Dude-X: *MSG* bye.
8:01:10 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* I think we all should
8:01:23 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* it's tough to test the SFF PSes Obs... you're very limited by the case you choose in PS choice
8:01:29 PM Dude-X: *PART* Left room.
8:01:39 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* WIll, I have a suggestion
8:01:43 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* shoot
8:01:56 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* at the very least, at least report the voltage on the 12v/5v and 3v
8:02:07 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* yeah, it's a jungle of propriatary stuff when it comes to SFF but many people doubted they could run 6800 GTs and mine all have just fine
8:02:11 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* yeah, that's one of the things we're going to do... we'll also do the hotbox test a little differently
8:02:15 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* that should be standard testing procedure for any rig
8:02:40 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* we have a lot better idea what we need to be testing for PSU
8:03:10 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* omeed did test the voltage rails, but we didn't actually report the scores...
8:03:22 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* can you tell us or is it NDA on future testing procedures?
8:03:33 PM gordonung: *MSG* we did note when the voltage was out of line though
8:03:43 PM JOSHNOREM: *MSG* I have to go, thanks for coming everyone
8:03:53 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* Thanks so much Josh!
8:03:53 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* later Josh, Nice to see you back with Maximum PC
8:04:01 PM justmonkey23: *MSG* thanks for the time
8:04:04 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* for those of you who subscribe, we started placing the white boxes for the address labels on the front of the mag... are the labels being printed in there when you get the mag?
8:04:06 PM JOSHNOREM: *MSG* Thanks, have a good weekend
8:04:07 PM logandecker: *MSG* hey guys, i'm having heart palpitations... i'm going to the ER... have a great weekend!
8:04:08 PM One4yu2c: *MSG* Later Josh - thx for participating :)
8:04:09 PM JOSHNOREM: *PART* Left room.
8:04:22 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* Chams: we've got to do some more testing... I don't know exactly what we'll do yet
8:04:32 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* it's going to be February before we run it anyway
8:04:35 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* calimerodm, you go next
8:04:39 PM calimerodm: *MSG* I can seguay into that..
8:04:40 PM One4yu2c: *MSG* Will, yes, mine are (address labels)
8:04:48 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* One4: with the little red future logo?
8:04:52 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* Yes, my address is in that white box
8:04:57 PM One4yu2c: *MSG* yep
8:05:04 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* we started doing that so it wouldn't block up the cover
8:05:06 PM calimerodm: *MSG* since PSU are getting so large and your electrical code only allows 12A per circuit in your house
8:05:24 PM logandecker: *PART* Left room.
8:05:36 PM calimerodm: *MSG* I really do think that either the elctrical code will be vioated or the breaker will trip
8:05:40 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* you'll have to double-pole your PC room pretty soon
8:05:54 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* yeah, you already have to double-pole your computer room
8:05:54 PM calimerodm: *MSG* on top of that
8:06:05 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* specially if you have some big CRTs
8:06:20 PM calimerodm: *MSG* there are possible power qua;lity problems from crappy PSU
8:06:22 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* we're moving offices, and we just spec'd the power for the new lab... was pretty funny
8:06:26 PM calimerodm: *MSG* harmonics, sags etc
8:06:32 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* Justmonkey23 is next with a ? or ! (comment)
8:06:36 PM justmonkey23: *MSG* Have you ever thought about putting anything in about undervoltiong a notebook?
8:07:04 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* I think that power draw will start going down though... CPU and GPU manufacturers are already integrating the power saving tech from mobile computers into desktops
8:07:15 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* to increase battery life monkey?
8:07:32 PM calimerodm: *MSG* thanks editors, goodbye
8:07:35 PM gordonung: *MSG* late
8:07:36 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* see ya calimerodm
8:07:38 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* later Cali
8:07:42 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* Jawa is next
8:07:43 PM justmonkey23: *MSG* It lowered my full load temps by 12C
8:07:44 PM jawa78: *MSG* I am really concern with thing just being slapped up on a site or in the magizine with out proper fact checking this is no so much MPC problem as a general journalism problem. I was very upset with a aquitance of mine Editor and Chief of OSDN Robin Miller about that random article about no DRM in apple's dev boxes when there is dead set proof to the contary. But everyone is rushing to get stuff out that proper fact checking and even comon sense seems to be thrown out the window. While it rare to see it i
8:07:56 PM calimerodm: *PART* Left room.
8:08:25 PM EDWARD6287: *JOIN* Entered room.
8:08:39 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* it doesn't exactly work like that (up the sub, get more stories) jawa. but we'll be doing more linux stuff...
8:08:40 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* amen, the subscription price IS a bit low ... seriously I wouldn't be upset if it were raised
8:09:15 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* as for the truth in journalism.... we're a small staff, but I pay really close attention to what's going on in the tech world, and I have a really good bullshit detector
8:09:37 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* I read everything that goes out, and while we will occasionally make some mistakes, I'd never have run the story you mentioned
8:09:39 PM jawa78: *MSG* like i said it rare to see it in mpc
8:09:49 PM jawa78: *MSG* but lately there has been alot of mistakes in others
8:09:58 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* I can't fix mistakes in anything but MPC
8:09:59 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* :)
8:10:01 PM jawa78: *MSG* Just stupid one that a fact checker should of caught
8:10:09 PM jawa78: *MSG* I know I worry about MPC becoming that way
8:10:21 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* I'm the fact checker... as long as I'm here, I'll do everything I can to keep that from happening
8:10:30 PM jawa78: *MSG* ok
8:10:34 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* at least they never called a single-processor a dual system ;-)
8:10:38 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* and the editors here are really good at following their beats, and don't usually send me stuff I have to call bullshit on
8:10:40 PM gordonung: *MSG* h
8:10:42 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* haha
8:10:49 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* Edward, you can go ahead
8:10:51 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* *cough*CPU*cough*
8:10:51 PM gordonung: *MSG* you know, they're really nice peeps over at CPU
8:10:51 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* hehe
8:11:11 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* I've got to take off and approve the last few pages of the october issue...
8:11:12 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* they only banned me at their forums one gordon, they are nice :)
8:11:16 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* we'll have to do this more often
8:11:20 PM Obsidian_MPC: *MSG* later Gonzinator, thanks for the chat
8:11:21 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* once
8:11:22 PM GONZINATOR_2: *MSG* thanks for reading guys :)
8:11:30 PM GONZINATOR_2: *PART* Left room.
8:11:31 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* thank you so much Will
8:11:33 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* drat
8:11:33 PM One4yu2c: *MSG* thx for the chat!
8:11:34 PM gordonung: *MSG* late
8:11:38 PM Chamsalot: *MSG* Take care!
8:11:42 PM Cstar: *MSG* Thanks for coming. :)

 Post subject: why Maximum PC brings a tear to my eye
PostPosted: Sat Aug 06, 2005 8:22 pm 
Team Member
Team Member
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wtf? :shock:

No really, though, once I got the thing deciphered it was great to read "real-time" MaxPC editor talk. It seems like working with the MaxPC staff would really be a pleasure, if not a privilege. Y'all are hilarious, and Future's good to have you. I hope the contributing staff (like DeLucia) get their share of the DIMMs, too.

On the Issues (no pun intended)
Seems like some of the bigger issues involved a perceived decline in "hardcore" or "enthusiast" coverage, from watercooling and overclocking to workstations and non-cosmetic modifications.

First, about the water-cooling: call me Joe Average, but until those quality CPU and VGA block water-cooler kits (like the Asetek) drop below US$100, I'm pretty disinterested. Plastic tubing, a water pump, and a mini radiator have no reason to cost $250 when you can get a brand new mini-fridge for less. In contrast, the article about all the CPU HSFs in the Sept. 2005 issue was really spectacular. I gotta give the appropriate mixture of props and kudos to Homeboy Norem and G-Slice Behnken, because that is the caliber and genre of journalism I have come to expect from Maximum PC. As far as cooling coverage goes, I think the air cooling coverage is really sweet, and I prefer that high-end watercooling bonanzas are limited to occasional features (that goes for vapo, too). I am also very happy that there is a balance between silence and performance, because when I buy an aftermarket cooler I want the coldest, quietest piece out there.

As for mods, I'd prefer to see non-cosmetic mods than "how to paint your case" and the like. Just about every time there was a "How To" for some cosmetic mod, I pretty much didn't read it, and I wasn't very interested. Frankly, I get enough of caulking, drilling, and taping at work. On the other hand, if the mag explored mods like "how to hack your wireless Linksys router and use it as a bridge," I'd be ALL over it. (In fact, one of my favorite things to read about is networking technology, so the more I find in MaxPC the more I love the mag.) Non-cosmetic mods are definitely the way to go, assuming they don't involve much craftsmanship. The "how to quiet your PC" articles are ALWAYS appreciated.

Another big issue seemed to be the lack of workstation coverage. I edit video, play games (most frequently over the LAN), and browse the web. I was thus extremely impressed with the inclusion of the Netcell Revolution card, because it has such utility for video-editing environments. However, I don't have any use for a PCI-X card (as opposed to PCI or PCI-E), and unless there's some other workstation card that'll accelerate video processing and rendering, I'm not really sure why I'd want to be reading more about workstations, Quadros, and Opterons as opposed to Radeons and Athlon X2s.

Finally, I always love reading about up-and-coming tech, whether it be a small blurb about external PCI-E videocards in quickstart (a section that I've always loved), or a sweet exposé in R&D. These departments, along with all the others, I cherish deep down in my sunken aorta. Specifically I'd like to thank you guys for sticking with the watchdog department, because exposing bad vendors and defending good ones is one of the most important "public" services a fine magazine establishment like yours can offer, deserving of a golf clap.

On the Website
In the next few years I'd like to see the Maximum PC website include a greater deal of professional information about the mag's authors--what titles like "Senior Editor" and "Associate Photographer" mean, and maybe a self-written bio from the staff members. While we're at it, I think it'd be even more awesome if the Maximum PC website served as a portal to mag contributors' blogs, TechTV-pre-G4 style. Of course, only for those who want to "go public."

One last thing I'd like to see: "Meet the Simpson-Bint," or at least "Meet Lesovoy!"

Last edited by Thug Esquire on Sat Aug 06, 2005 9:17 pm, edited 3 times in total.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sat Aug 06, 2005 8:53 pm 
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Thug Esquire wrote:
wtf? :shock:

It's in reference to this thread ---> LINK

Some of the editors at MPC (Will, Josh, Gordon, and Logan) participated in a chat over at Commport. The above is a transcript of that chat, for those that couldn't make it.

Edit - To clarify:

Gonzinator_2 = Will Smith
JOSHNOREM = Josh Norem
gordonung = Gordon Mah Ung
logandecker = Logan Decker

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sat Aug 06, 2005 10:01 pm 
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One4yu2c wrote:
Thug Esquire wrote:
wtf? :shock:

It's in reference to this thread ---> LINK
:snip like the rabbi:

Edit - To clarify:

Gonzinator_2 = Will Smith
JOSHNOREM = Josh Norem
gordonung = Gordon Mah Ung
logandecker = Logan Decker

Haha, yeah, I knew. I like Norem's alias-making style. I was kind of disappointed that Strohmeyer didn't make it to the chat, though.

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