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 Post subject: wireless questions, please help me!!!!
PostPosted: Sat Sep 25, 2004 7:07 pm 

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hi guys, now i gotta say that im a little illiterate about wireless networking. now i recently got hired as a computer salesman at compUSA. i applied for computer technician but the position was full so they offered me a computer sales job which i took. now i got some questions i gotta ask because i dont want to look stupid in front of a customer, you know what i mean. i know computers and networking but mostly wired networks and i still prefer wired networks for me.

1.) i never had a laptop before but when you buy one and you want wireless network, of course you gotta buy a wireless adapter card right? (stupid question i know.......bare with me.)

2.) what is a range extender? i saw some from linksys and belkin.

3.) if a person wants to network wired networks with wireless networks, does he/she needs a bridge? access point? both?

4.) i know that 802.11G is way faster than 802.11b which is 54megabits compared to 11megabits. but tell me other info why the G standard is better.

5.) if a customer buys a wireless router, is it plug and play and ready for use, lets say get into the internet? assume the person already installed the drivers for his/her wireless nic card. if not, please tell me what they can do so i can tell my customers.

im do computer sales but im really weak at wireless networking and many of the customers go to the wireless section. im kinda weak at MACs too but i got my mac reps that do all of that. i know i got some homework to do but please help me with these questions. thanks all!!!!!

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 26, 2004 5:25 pm 
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I dont know much either about networking, but i'll give this a shot.

1.) Yes

2.) A range Extender/Expander is basically a repeater. It repeats the coverage area. Info

3.) Sorry, I dont know... I'll need to learn more about this :X

4.) It's more "universal". if someone has it set as g-only, the wireless b adapters will be locked out.

5.) the person has some adjusting to do. it depends on their application.

Oh, and hey good luck on your Job there. Im sure you'll be very informative and friendly. :wink:

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 26, 2004 5:41 pm 

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Dude........ you are in trouble fella. hehehehehheh..... just kidding.

I'll try to be short as possible without dragging it too long. Kinda of hard explaining in text as compared if someone that knows this explaining in person. here goes. a quickie.

1) If one buys a laptop he may or may not have to purchase a wireless adaptor. in older laptops, the customer would have to purchase a usb or a pcmcia card wireless adapter. most current or new laptops will contain a built-in wireless. If it is built-in into the laptop, then obviously you would not buy one.

2) range extender - once configured in into the network it allows the network range to be extended. i.e. hard to reach areas as in distance, increase performance in weak areas due to lots of stuff in the way, increase network up time caused by drop outs because of weak signals, etc..... range extender is self explainatory.

3) depending on the customer's situation. if a wired router only is present, then the customer needs to purchase a wireless access point to connect to the wired to allow wireless access to the network. If customer is starting from scatch, then get them to purchase a router with 4 port wired and wireless access built into one unit. Bridge is not necessary or needed. Only time a bridge is needed is when one needs to connect two seperate network lans together. example, you have 4 computers on one network with internet access. you have another 4 computers that is on a seperate/different network but no interent access. the bridge will be able to connect the two different network together so as to allow the network without internet access to be able to access the internet.

4) 802.11g vs 802.11b. All depends on what it is mainly used for. yes it is true that g 54mb is faster than b 11mb. But that is on how you look at it. if you look at accessing the internet via cable modem or dsl, the most you are going to get download from the interent are 3mb and 1.5mb respectively(dsl recently has 3mb download but depending on your area). So in this case, both are well over spec for the interent. no difference in performance. now when it comes to data transfer between computer to computer via wired/wireless or wireless/wireless then the g would be the better choice. So with all this said....... if a customer is getting into networking from scratch, he should go with the g, sense this is the going technology. But, if his has a current network that is a b version, then there is no need to upgrade his network. He can get g products for the new computers because the g is backwards compatible to work on b network..... Oh by the way...... in actual performance test on g and b version. the most that g can actuall push is about 20-35mb/s and with b it is about 8mb/s.

5) wireless router is completely plug and play out of the box, except for wireless where as you need to enable wireless on the laptop and or desktop. Once the customer gets the equipment home, the wireless router, nic card, wireless card, and he/she follows the instruction exactly, it will be plug and play. install the router first, then wired or wireless devices after. If they cant get it working, then they need to call the product vendor for assistance in installation. Linksys is best in support.

With plug and play being said....... The customer really needs to change the default settings to something else other than default for security purposes. If left at the default settings, hackers will be sharing the network.

There you go.... in a nut shell. Remember....... nothing worse then making up stuff because you dont know it in front of the customer. Believe, me......... it is better to tell the customer you dont know something than to make something up and later the customer finds out that you were BS'n him or even worse, causes the customer grief by telling him to do something when he shouldnt be. Just tell them you dont know or that you will find out from someone that knows. The right answer is always the best first time around.

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