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 Post subject: Help Me Buy Netgear 3700-100NAS, PAS, AV 37AV
PostPosted: Mon Sep 19, 2011 9:14 am 
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What is with all the model numbers!? I go to a site like bestbuy.ca and they list 2 models, and I compair the NAS and PAS, one says auto detect the other says N/A for standards, one lists... a/b/g/n the other lists just N.

I try and search the internet and there is speculation that the NAS and PAS are only regional indicators (yet both are listed at bestbuy.ca). People feel the prices on some are dropping because they have determined firware can't resolve some of their problems so they need to release a hardware revision and give it a different model name. Others are speculating it is the same gear just rebranding it to obtain more $$ because now it is A/V not just higher performance.

I just don't know... I need some help sorting this out.... here are my requirements.

planned to pair the WNDR3700-100nas with their GS108NA 8 port gig switch. I need a minimum of 8 gig wired ports (this gives me 11..room for LAN parties). Wireless needs to handle 2 ipod touches, 1 blackberry, 1 iphone 4, 1 wii, 3 laptops (occasionally wired), 1 PS3 (currently wired) thinking to reclaim. I am currently running a WRT54G V8.

Problems that I am trying to solve... slow wireless performance, slow performance (even if wireless laptop torrents are well well under internet capability), wireless seems to drag down even the wired connections (thinking router can't manage packet resends due to signal, unable to wireless connect without router reset, wire all drops permanently to switch so no manual repatching depending on where the action is. They also seem to have a rangemax and non rangemax (again model num?). The reason for the dual band is just for future needs (i think everything operates on 2.4 now. MY house has a main floor (slightly elevated from ground and a basement) Approx 2400 sq ft total. current router placement is if thing of a rectangle like a 16:9 screen ... router is currently on top of book shelf on main floor (bottom right location of the 16:9 screen). I am also updating from G to N.

I also see that they have the 108 in a managed and unmanaged (i think I understand the diff) (i want switch to mainly reduce brodcast zone I understand I don't need manage to do that just choose switch (Layer 2/3) versus hub (Layer 2).. I would however like to see the per port info... think I can get that with the unmanaged version.

Bestbuy.ca, newegg.ca, tigerdirect.ca, ncix.com, CanadaDirect.com are places I shop. I've read forums for the Linksys/cisco, D-Link, Netgear they all have their problems... Lots of the network guys I know are going wih Netgear ... so I figure if that is their choice...

Can anyone help me out ... are the models I selected wrong for my requirements and problems and house size? Can someone explain both the router and switch model discrepancies ... are there indeed hardware problems requiring a new PCB.

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