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 Post subject: D Link DIR 655 NIGHTMARE... uhhhg.
PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2012 6:34 pm 
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DIR 655A2.

A couple things about this router… I have been all over the internet looking at reports of people with broadcasting issues with this piece of garbage. I’ve spent hours restarting / rebooting / resetting etc- and now it’s not so much because I care about having to throw the thing in the garbage. In fact at this point even if I get it fixed I think I’m going to smash it with a hammer and put it on youtube… this router has caused so many people SO many problems… RRRRRRRRR.

Anyway- regardless… this has me stumped and I’m not entirely confident in my abilities to identify a potentially silly problem I’ve overlooked. In which case I’m sure some of you who LOVE the 655 will wonder if they help me solve the problem will want to know if I would videotape me hitting myself with a hammer and posting it on youtube. I’ll consider it if it’s a stupid problem… but if it’s some backdoor hack workaround that 10 people on the planet know I may just slap myself on the hand and call it a day.

So these are some of the issues not necessarily in order.

Antenna broadcasts but doesn’t hold connection on either PC laptop or Iphone. Is undetectable.

When changing settings the radio will turn off and quite frequently not turn back on again. Sometimes the antenna will stay on but not actually broadcast anything. Both visible and invisible- whether I remove the profile on my devices or not.

When wifi protected setup was enabled- though not being used- I could change all settings in wireless settings and the radio would turn back on… except for if I changed security settings. When I changed to any other security settings other than “none” the radio would stay off. Unplugging for more than 5 minutes or so seemed to work to get the antenna working again. When I turned WIFIprotected setup off- I could change the security settings and the antenna would turn back on- though it would take about 10 seconds after hitting save settings.

Tried channel auto and auto width- tried 20 only and 40 only… tried numerous channels. Nothing has held the connection longer than a couple minutes- broadcasting or not broadcasting SSID.

Tried 10 and 100Mbps WAN port speed connection, and full auto 10/100/1000. Didn’t matter. Usually antenna would turn off after the reboot and not turn back on unless 5 minute unplugged.

Tried G, tried N… tried N / G only. Still unstable and dropped within minutes.

Originally these problems on 1.35NA… went through the process to get it downgraded to 1.21… same problems. Don’t think further downgrading to 1.11 will help though it is described by those in the know as the most stable.

Tried reserving addresses… tried not reserving addresses. Doesn’t matter… Last log entry before I reserved addresses for my PC / Iphone appeared to be a timeout on both devices. Figured reserving might prevent this. No.

Throughout this, wired works fine.

Originally tried to disable upnp- made no difference. Reenabled.

Dynamic DNS is disabled- though I do have primary and secondary DNS servers set to google ( /

I am also running a 615- which had similar problems but I believe these were resolved with the wan port speed limited to 10Mbps… This 655 has proven to be more problematic.

Anything I haven’t tried other than just simply throwing the thing out in pieces?

 Post subject: Re: D Link DIR 655 NIGHTMARE... uhhhg.
PostPosted: Fri May 25, 2012 1:40 pm 
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Ahhhh yeah! Whiff some smelling salts and progress yourself to a hard reset. After all, this is the best and more reliable wifiR known to man!

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