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 Post subject: EZAudit Script Issue
PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 8:30 am 
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Okay here's the deal: I attempt to have a VBScript run an app called EZAudit on login. All the scanner does is compile all the computer information into a readable format using EZAudit, which is all done behind the scenes. The script calls a ezstart.exe file which uses ezscan.exe which is configured by the config file under the directory. I basically have told it to only wait 10 seconds (in the app...a sleep command in the VBscript doesn't help) before it initiates the scan for the test.

Running the VBS file manually works great, and it dumps the file where I tell it to (a EZAudit filder on the network) so it's not the file path or script. It just won't start the executable when I try logging into the PC. Everything up to this point has worked when deploying the VBS file via Active Directory for a login for the last year. Nothing has changed! I went to delete the EZ9 files (they hold the computer information on a per computer basis) to manually initiate an audit across my network and after a few days I realized I had this problem.

Did Microsoft release an update that disables EXE files from being called during the login process?

Here's the script:
'This script execute the EZStart software audit on client machines after user logon

Dim objShell, shellthis, shellcmd
shellthis = "\\sc.local\clientroot\EZAudit\ezstart.exe"
shellcmd = Chr(32) & "/auto"
Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
objShell.Run Chr(34) & shellthis & Chr(34) & shellcmd ,1,False
Set objShell = Nothing

I have even tried changing the DFS name to the real file path name but to no avail. I know the script runs because I told it to do a message box for testing purposes. The ezscan.exe just doesn't load in the Processes. Any suggestions?

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