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 Post subject: Noob Friendly Guide to XAMPP/MySQL on Windows
PostPosted: Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:26 pm 
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Mod edit: I'm making this post sticky for two reasons.
a) someone may find it useful, and
b) to encourage the author to return to our forum when he is old enough.

This tutorial was written by a 12-year old! Seriously. That's pretty damn impressive. Sadly, our lawyers are deathly afraid of children, so he can't post until his 13th birthday.

Mutated_gamer: consider this sticky my very-early 13th birthday present to you.


So, what exactly IS XAMPP? XAMPP is a control panel to start/stop stuff like apache, MySQL, stuff in that nature. This is good for easily setting up your SQL databases, so you can put stuff like forums on your website, HLStatsX on your gameserver, and much more.

Step 1: Download XAMPP

What you are going to do first, is to download XAMPP, then install it. You can find the direct download link for Windows 32 bit here.

Once you have it downloaded, go ahead and open it up. This is a very easy install. If you wish to change where to install it, change the directory to wherever. Click install, and go grab some soda. The install COULD take awhile, but not too long. You can bare it!

After it's installed, a command window should come up, asking you questions. If you want a shortcut on your desktop, type y, if not type n and hit enter. For the next question, just use y. Next up is if you want a portable version. Usually you should say no, but if you need it, put yes. (Yes = y no = n.) Let it relocate ;).

Hit enter to continue! For the next screen, make sure your time/location is right, and hit enter. Now, type 1 and hit enter, and your XAMPP should be started!

Step 2: Set Up Your SQL!

Part 1: Start XAMPP

Inside of XAMPP, check off the Svc for Apache and MySQL, hitting OK to both messages, and apache and MySQL will be installed. Now, click start on apache and MySQL, and it should be up and running! Now, for some reason my Apache wouldn't start, however, if that is the case, just restart your system and load up XAMPP control panel (install dir/xammp-control) and it SHOULD be running at start. Your xammp should like like this:
(Please note, I'm using XAMPP lite edition, so only apache and MySQL could be used, don't worry if the other stuff is greyed out.)

Part 2: Create Database

At this point, you're wondering what the database is. Well, a database is the place that the program (example: phpbb) would store all its files, (example: threads posted) and it can read them. So, this is the big part. You got phpbb installed, and you have to enter the database information.

So, first step is first. Open a web browser (you need one open to read this, dummy!) and connect to http://localhost/phpmyadmin/. Once on this page, you'll see alot of stuff. If nothing showed up, you did something wrong. Please check you did everything correct, and after that post a reply asking for help.

At the top, you're going to see alot of tabs. Click on the privileges tab, as seen in this picture.

Next, click "Add a new User"

Now, the next options can be a little confusing. But, I'll explain the best I can. Each database has login information. That's to restrain people outside the host/maker from "Injecting" databases with stuff it doesn't want. If we didn't have passwords and usernames for databases, google could be redirecting you to meatspin.com!

So, on this page, the first box you need to edit is the Username. For username, set the drop-down box on the left to "Use text field:" and on the box to the right enter the username you want.

Under the username is the host. For this tutorial, I'm setting the drop-down box to "Local", meaning only local people (People connected to my router) can get to the database. Now, if you are renting a game server or anything, you MAY have to edit the settings to Any Host, and change the host name to something like your IP address. However, if you're renting, the company SHOULD provide you with SQL's for their service, so the only reason to be using this is for hosting on your own machine.

Now, the next thing to edit is the password. Set the drop-down box to "Use text field:" and in the text box put your desired password. This will ALSO be the password for your database. (Please note, pick a strong password. You don't want un-wanted files in your database, or worse.) Re-enter your password and you're almost done!

In the "Database for user" section, make sure you select "Create database with same name and grant all privileges". This will make the actual DATABASE with the same username as in your login information. Same for password. Click "Go" on the bottom right, and you're good to go!

For any confusion, please look at the picture below.
(You may have to zoom in).

Step 3: What to do Now?

So, if you're wondering, what now? How do I set up all my things? Well, for this example, I will show you what to enter for database settings when installing myBB/phpBB (using myBB). I shouldn't REALLY have to explain stuff, my picture SHOULD say enough. However, I feel the urge to mention, the host should be whatever you set it to. Default (is setting drop-down box to Local) is localhost. However, if you are going outside local, please enter the text you entered into the text box.

One last thing. If you're going to put multiple things on your databases, (exmaple, a forum for a website, AND hlstatsx) you should create another database with your login information. The only thing you would change for the second installment (exmaple, HLstatsX) is change the "database name" to whatever the second database was named.

Thank you for reading!

This concludes my tutorial, thank you for reading! If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them. Please leave feedback, since this was my first tutorial, and I'd be happy to make more!

-Mutated Gamer

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