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 Post subject: My HP Rant of the Week (Bad Experience part 2)
PostPosted: Sun Nov 23, 2008 2:02 pm 
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In a previous post, I've told you about the warranty and recovery disk issues. Now, I will tell you about my laptop's issues:

I've owned my damn dv9500 laptop since August 2007. The first 10 months were great. The bloatware was a pain in the ass to remove, but otherwise a great first-time experience. Recoveries were fast, and it ran smoothly.......
until recovery manager started doing half-ass recoveries that didn't work well. So, as you may already know from my previous post, i contacted hp, had them send me the disks ,they screwed up, etc.

After getting that pile of shit fixed, everything went back to normal. I installed everything, and it worked great. As the days passed by, my performance slowed to a crawl. It screwed up a lot. I ran coretemp, and cpu was 65C idle / 85C load. I got out the damn compressed air spray and sprayed, but temps only went down a bit. Now, to stop that, I have my cpu run at 997.6mhz instead of teh 1.5ghz it's supposed to to keep temps down around 45C idle / 65C load. That's not a big deal since i don't use it for gaming, etc.

Some things have never worked on this laptop, and it really pisses me off. Sometimes it hangs on restarts (stays "shutting down" without hdd activity forever) and i have to manually shut it off. It almost got fried by the compressed air (wouldn't turn on after spraying it, needed 10 minutes wait first). TV tuner is flaky, and the leds are bright as hell. I invested 1400.00 into this pc and it's expansion base and I am disappointed thus far. If I could sell it for what i bought it for (or even 3/4), you bet i would have it sold immediately!! This is not the hp i had known b4, i have a desktop that is 4 years old, another that is 2.5 years old, and one that lasted me for 7 years, as well as a bunch of peripherals from them, and they all work great. HP has let me down with their shitty support and crappy problems.

Looking at it realistically, many issues were from something i did, but hp never bothered to support me even when i was under warranty and did everything that i was supposed to do. They should slow down on bloatware because I won't use any of that shit they stuff there anyway!!

From now on, I am no longer an hp fan. I will start to build my desktops, recommend dells to freinds and family, and buy apple notebooks (they have had the best customer service thus far!!)

My hp notebook is 15 months old, and has another 36months to go. If I have a good experience from now until the death of my laptop, I may go back. But even then i will buy an oem vista disk and clean install.

Their support for my desktops was fine, but I have no idea why they can't supprot me for my laptop. I am not the only one. Many who I know have complained about their hp notebooks and have had bad experiences. I fixed their laptops for free since i recommended hp for them in the first place. I have learned my lesson. Since i can support my self, fuck the oem's and i will start building my own desktops and going to King Steve Jobs for my laptops (if i ever need one again).

****Please don't reply by saying that I am being a bitch about it, I am just ranting and I want to get my anger out****[size=18][/size][color=darkred][/color]

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