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 Post subject: ABS computers
PostPosted: Mon Dec 06, 2004 11:33 pm 

Joined: Sat Oct 30, 2004 2:59 pm
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I've been having huge problems with ABS computers (www.abspc.com).

The computer I bought from them about 10 months ago has been having serious problems ever since I got it. Overheating (I've seen the CPU get well above 90 degrees C), memory issues, according to memtest, huge numbers of bad sectors on my hard drives, broken USB ports, bad OEM CDs bundled with the computers, and on and on....

Their technical support and customer service people have been extremely rude, unhelpful, and unfriendly. I have called and e-mailed them at least dozens of times trying to get help from them, and I have often been totally ignored, told clearly false information, and have been unable to get them to help resolve my computer problems. They have even utterly refused to replace parts in it that were clearly messed up, and told me that my computer was fine, or that all I need to do is re-install everything on it.

To try to fix my hard drive problems, the tech support guy told me to run some program to diagnose my hard drive problems. He told me that it would take several hours to run (conveniently, he would have gone home by that point). I asked him specifically if the program will work on a computer with a raid array. He told me "yes, I have a computer just like this at home, and this program works fine on it." Naturally, the program didn't work on my computer, and checking the documentation I saw it clearly stated that the program does not work on raid arrays. I called him back and told him that, and he acted surprised and said again that it worked on his system. Eventually, I got him to RMA my hard drives.

They've totally ignored nearly half of my e-mails, and before I RMAd my hard drives, each time I called or e-mailed them, they claimed I'd never contacted them before. Now they claim that I've only contacted them once, when I RMAd my hard drives.

They have also accused me of refusing to work with them, claimed I've ignored their calls (they have called me once, and 10:30 on a weekday, I wasn't there, and I called back at about 2, but they weren't there for some reason.), and have claimed that I have not contacted them in the past about these problems. Every time except once when I have called, the supervisor "Armando" hasn't been there, even though I've called several times at hours where he should be there.

When they did tell me to do anything, it was to format my computer and re-install everything. To give you an idea of how often they've made me do this, Microsoft no longer accepts my XP cd key! I have to call them and screw with them forever to get them to manually activate it.

Recently they have said that they will let me send in my computer to repair it, despite my insistence that they send me an entirely new computer, as mine clearly has multiple problems, and it could be difficult to track down each one of them specifically. I think the computer was clearly damaged during shipping. They've claimed they are completely unable to do this, which is obviously a lie, as I've had computer companies in the past do this before when a computer has been totally screwed up. However, in light of their extremely poor service in the past, I am not too hopeful that this will solve my problem, or that they will decide to actually help solve my problems.

I've filed a complaint on the BBB's website, and even if ABS does fix my problems, I will at least be pursuing a complaint about their customer service and tech support against them, and I definitely will never buy anything from them again.

- Jeremy

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2004 5:55 am 

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My advice would be to not send your PC in. Based on what your saying about their support it would probably "disappear " and you would never see it, a replacement or your money again. At least now you have something if nothing but spare parts and a reminder to do business with a known dealer or build your own(if possible) in the future.

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