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 Post subject: Nov 04 Videocard Vichyssoise ???
PostPosted: Thu Oct 14, 2004 2:12 pm 

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Hi i just read your Review of the Asus V9999 Gamer edition and the XFX 6800 GT . i dont think you gave the Asus V9999 a fair review .. first off you say all geforce 6800`s are not equal ,choose wisely or get stuck with a card that ( Sucks ) more than cold soup .. . then below you say dont get stuck with a 12 pipe board ... the Geforce 6800NP with 12 pipes and 128 megs of memory are Great video cards and i`ve seen prices going down to $249.99 .......... in 3Dmark03 Game 2 High quality the asus got 21.8 fps and the XFX 6800 Gt got a whopping 24.9 that`s 3 fps more thats not that much faster at all atleast in that benchmark .. But lets get back to the Asus V9999 you call the card Half assed first off the Asus V9999 is a Failed Geforce 6800 Ultra that has 4 pipelines disabled .. also you say what does the Asus V9999 offer that other Geforce 6800 `s dont .. you say nothing .. ! first off it Has 256 Megs of GDDR3 on it. second since it was originally a Geforce 6800 Ultra it has the Ultra high speed Gddr3 Memory .. the card can be overclocked to Ultra Speeds . and third since they mas produced these cards they may half to just dissable the extra Pipelines that are good just to sell it .. so you might be able to turn them on with Rivatuner ... however at it`s current price i would still buy a GT.. but it`s Not a Basic 6800 or a card that sucks more than cold soup .... // PS> you should have much more indept video card reviews . like what kind of memory is on the card`s and test thier overclocking ability and run benchmarks on those .......... thanks :?

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 15, 2004 1:11 pm 
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Maximum PC Editor
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Holy run on sentence Batman!

Here's the bottom line: For exactly the same amount of money as the V9999 Gamer Edition, you can get a GeForce 6800 GT board, which is superior out of the box, with 16 pipelines that are guaranteed to work, and higher clock speeds.

Furthermore, I contend that Asus intentionally used a confusing name so that they could sell these V9999 Gamer Edition cards (with 12 pipes) at the same price as their Deluxe and Ultra Editions. That's really lame, and will end up screwing a bunch of consumers.


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