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 Post subject: If it takes the keyboard to make the phone, you need a Droid
PostPosted: Wed May 12, 2010 12:05 pm 
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For the last couple of years everything has been compared to the iPhone. In the beginning absolutely! That was a good choice, but the market is changing and the Droid has appeared! The article that you had in the February Issue by Will Smith, I found of some interest. But...

The biggest problem I had with the article was the leaning on the keyboard for the success of the phone. Yes, I have to agree with the fact you can't pinch the screen, but I bought the Droid for 2 reasons, the operating system and the software available.

I have always used top of the line phones starting at least 10-15 years ago with the Motorola Star-Tac, Nokia, Kyocera 7135, Treo 600-800, Blackberry Storm, Palm Pre. And out of all those phones its the Kyocera 7135 I would of stayed with had they not stopped supporting it. With the others I was always looking for something better. I am trying to give a little of my background to show you my qualifications with phones.

The keyboard entry is something you usually have to find out about yourself after you purchase a phone. If I had not purchased the Droid due to the rating on the keyboard, I would have passed on the best phone I ever had. And it's the keyboard that weighs heavily on the success of my Droid. As far as the hard keyboard, it's a keyboard.

Wouldn't you know it, now that I am happy with the keyboard I am using, I stumbled across a program that takes my keyboard to the next level. The program "SlideIT" allows me to use the keyboard by sliding my finger to spell out a word and only lifting my finger when I want to start spelling a new word. It took me 10 minutes, without any mistakes, to decide to purchase for the "HUGE" price of $1.99.

Without taking into consideration "SlideIT" which would kick it to the next level. The operating system and the software more than meet my needs. I must admit when me and my son, who has an iPhone, get together he loves telling me about the great games he has and gets rather bored when I tell him about the great production programs I am using. And he is 35 years old and a professional Videographer and Editor. Without a doubt the phone is very dependant on the market it is reaching.

This is how I would rate the phones (in comparison to each other) if anybody cares:

1. Looks and Feel
iPhone - 85% (too fat, but who really cares)
Motorola Droid - 100%

2. Screen Size
iPhone - 45%
Motorola Droid - 90% (Like to see 1/2" wider & 1" longer)

3. Communications (E-Mail and SMS)
iPhone - 50% - (AT&T has problems in TX, a Wi-Fi connection would really help)
Motorola Droid - 100% (software makes the difference)

4. Phone Communications
iPhone - 40% (AT&T has problems in TX)
Motorola Droid - 100%

5. Appeal of Screen
Both - 100%

6. Available Software
iPhone - 85% (it's hard to determine where to start and stop and too cluttered with games)
Motorola Droid - 95%

7. Keyboard Software
iPhone - 70% (limited experience with the iPhone Keyboard but what I have used doesn't excite me one bit)
Motorola Droid 100% (it wouldn't be fair to put something greater than 100% - it's amazing what the right software will do to a keyboard)

So all things considered between the phones how in the world can you come up with "7". I am serious and I am reviewing based on maximum dollars from the wallet or should i say Maximum Dollar Review.

It's the keyboard that takes this phone over the top, for this user! And yes I would definitely (note that it is spelled correctly) rate the iPhone at 10 but I would also rate the Droid at 10, only for the fear of upsetting iPhone users who most likely are a large part of my subscription base, and that's a fact! I say that with a little tongue in cheek, but not much!


P.S. Message to the Editor. I stumbled across your magazine several years ago when I needed to purchase a bunch of magazines for some spare time. I found Maximum PC to be full of excellent information, reviews and computer comments. Many times I will pick up how to improve tips. One of which we still use on all ten of my computers to this day. I wouldn't turn on my computer without it!

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed May 12, 2010 12:46 pm 
Boy in Black
Boy in Black
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Will was a closet Mac fan. Only us straight users really took note of it. He's now out of the closet since he's left for the other site and is pulling the iPhone out of his man-purse on a stage that is full of many strangers to him. It's a brave new world...a gentle time for him that we must tip toe with as well.

We've known for a while; he simply wasn't ready to reveal to the world that he wasn't PC enough to hang with us any longer. He's now free to look at the iPhone with lust vs. [lack of] functionality other phones have provided, strife of AT&T's bad years of oppression, no longer have to hide the my trial stint with OSx articles as non-biased, and can freely pay for "The Birdcage" on iTunes and wipe the subtle glint from his eye as he softly nods in agreement for his hidden past affairs with confusion.

He's free! Be happy for him. Jon Phillips has his face back on the entry pages, the fans rejoice "blah blah blah, long live the king!", and the spirit of Editor Emeritus shall have more influence on the next being that attempts the title of Editor in Chief of the sacred mantle that is...MPC.

Hey Norem...you busy or something? I have some duct tape...“Mea est vindictaâ€

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