Forum Feature: This Week in Threads!

Nathan Edwards

It's Friday, and we're wrapping up another issue of the magazine. The September issue, to be precise. We know that's a heck of a lead time. We can't wait to show you! While you're waiting to see the 2011 Dream Machine, there are a few things you can do. You can apply to be our boss ! Or you could join the discussion on our official forums ! Or you could do both!

Like the Enterprise herself in dry dock, Bill Owen's Tricorder Chic mod continues to take shape

Check out our Appraisals, Deals & Bargains (oh my!) subforum, otherwise known as the kleinkinstein show. There are appraisals. There are deals. There are bargains. Most of the latter two are posted by the indefatigable kleinkinstein , but you could post some too. You know.

Does (page file) size matter? Join psymonkey and the rest of the gang for a frank discussion.

Maggard wants to know what to do with an old Socket 775 Dell machine .

RaginNoob requests watercooling advice .

angelsix wants help building a rig for 3D Blu-ray and gaming .

Head on over to the forums for all these fine threads and more! Don't forget to add your voice to the discussions, or start your own thread!

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