Forum Feature: This Week in Threads

Nathan Edwards

It's Friday! Fridays are great. Someone should make a song about Fridays.

Anyway. Time for another Forum Feature. It's a short one this week since I'm on a mini-vacation in sweaty Baltimore, but here are a few threads from our official forums that could use your kind attention:

Boddaker 's Tron PC scratch case build ( previously here ) is done, and it looks fantastic. Look in awe and then go to Cooler Master's contest page to ogle all the other entrants and VOTE for the Tron PC! (okay, the rest are cool too)

Adv0cate has recently come into some in-store credit and wants to know which tablet he should buy : the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Blackberry PlayBook, or Asus Eee Pad Transformer.

Weigh in on SwingCorey 's proposed $500 desktop build .

Hackman2007 guides you in the easy way to remove Windows Recovery fake anti-virus suite :

Also, our Break Room subforum, best known as a terrible place, has been closed for renovations. Which probably means we'll burn it down, take the insurance money, and go somewhere with beaches.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

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