Forum Feature: Things Take Shape

Nathan Edwards

Here we are again on Friday, with some interesting links from the Maximum PC official forums .

The amazing Maximum PC-commissioned Star Trek-themed build from proceeds apace. Every worklog entry Bill posts has us drooling a little bit more.

Not to be outdone, ASPHIAX has joined the forum to show off *his* Star Trek-themed mod in progress . This one's modeled after an Intrepid Mk II starship.

Other posts of interest this week:

Pahhhoul wants to start a career in IT and needs your suggestions, advice, and criticisms .

MattGreer started a fantastic discussion about the value of a bootable USB key , with plenty of recommendations as to what to include.

Jmcdonald wants to know if his Windows Home Server's network use is quite normal .

To0002 asks for buying advice on a beginner's DSLR camera.

This is but a small subsection of the joy that awaits you in the forums . Have a wonderful weekend!

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