Forum Feature: The Star Trek PC is Done!

Nathan Edwards

It's real, and it's spectacular.

This week's Forum Feature gives pride of place to Bill Owen's amazing Star Trek PC , which is finally finished, packed up, shipped out, and now living in our offices for a few weeks while we cram it full of beautiful top-notch hardware. Then we're gonna bring it to Comic-Con and GIVE IT AWAY . Because we love you. David Gerrold— Maximum PC columnist , science fiction legend, Tribble inventor, commissioner of the case and recipient of its twin—will be at our booth at Comic-Con this year to sign autographs next to his aluminum child.

Check out the shots of the completed case in the build log on our official forums , and at MNPCTech's website . We'll have more details as Comic-Con approaches, plus a full writeup on the build in a later issue of the mag!

In other forum news:

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Cakeflan (mm!) is building a small formfactor gaming rig and wants input.

DJSPIN80 gives a quick primer on threads and how they related to CPU cores.

Share your wacky SSIDs in the Network Nook.

davidm71 wants to know which is the better tablet : the Samsung 10.1 Tab or Asus Transformer?

Have a great weekend!

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