Forum Feature: Still Alive

Nathan Edwards

We're on a roll this week! As work wraps up on the November issue (yes, already; mag deadlines are a bear!), we're finding time for the finer things in life, like Episode 177 of the No BS Podcast. And this: a new installment of Forum Feature!

H E X E N is documenting his first-ever mod , a retrofit of Corsair's H100 cooler into an Antec Nine Hundred chassis.

SXRguyinMA is showing off his Maximum Security mod of the Thermaltake Level 10 GT .

Stormdrake asks whether CrossFire/SLI is worthwhile .

aborik wants to put two RAID 0s across the same four drives. Learn why this might not be a good idea .

lo_tek does not care for the Windows 8 GUI .

All this can be yours, my child. Just register or log in ! Have a wonderful weekend!

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