Forum Feature: Minecraft & Maximum PC, Sittin' in a Tree

Nathan Edwards

If it's Friday, this must be Maximum PC's Forum Feature! Here are some highlights from this week's forum activity. If you haven't checked out our official forums , do so! Or we'll cry.

As a longtime fan of Minecraft, mightily am I pleased by this night's work by forum user codyandbecca , who has/have recreated the logo of my favorite magazine in Minecraft .

In the Free Clinic , Flipper , who should know better, innocently wonders if maybe he has a virus on his PC.

In Programmers' Paradise , DJSPIN80 explains why Windows 8 will disappoint him . CrashTech gamely responds. Thoughtful discussion ensues!

Globeadue needs help picking a 2-bay NAS .

In the Modders' Workshop , our Star Trek-themed mod keeps getting awesomer, and usrebmot starts to build what he calls the world's smallest watercooled full PC .

The Break Room is now read-only, and a kinder, gentler off-topic forum, The Studio , has taken its place. Come chill around our virtual water cooler. And don't be a dick. (The Studio is only available to registered and logged-in users)

Enjoy your weekend!

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