Forum Feature: Kick-Ass Tron Case Mod!

Nathan Edwards

When last we met , I informed you of the existence of the official Maximum PC forums and exhorted you to a) visit and b) report back. If you have done so, thank you. If you have not, there is still time to escape the coming wrath.

Hold on. I've just been notified that we're out of wrath, so you can safely disregard the previous threat. However, if you don't check out today's featured Forum thread, you're missing out on something amazing .

What could this be?

Right now, in the Modders' Workshop, Boddaker is documenting one of the most impressive scratch PC mods we've ever seen: his Tron CM build.

An initial sketch of the Tron CM.

Based on the lightcycle design from Tron: Legacy, the case mod will be entered in a Cooler Master contest. Check out the forum thread to see Boddaker (aka Brian Carter) as he documents his process: from initial Sketchup mockups to piece-by-piece install. As of this writing, he'd just started on the watercooling set up. The results are breathtaking.

Everything's coming together.

The lightcycle's engine compartment? Solid-state drives. Three of 'em

For a detailed build log and many, many more pictures documenting the build thus far, go to the forum thread ! Seriously. What are you waiting for?

Mad props to Brian, whose work we've followed for years: his Mystique2 case won our November 2007 Rig of the Month contest. We can't wait to see the finished product! Be sure to check out his website at .

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