Forum Feature: Begin the Build!

Nathan Edwards

It's time for another foray into the Maximum PC official forums!

Bill Owen of MNPCTech fame is building us two Star Trek-themed PCs, one of which we will give away at Comic-Con. With design help from Mike Okuda and our own David Gerrold (who will take home the other PC), both Top Men in the Star Trek world, it's going to be amazing. Follow Bill's build log in the forums !

Speaking of modding, the oft-mentioned Tron scratch build took top prize in Cooler Master's modding contest in the scratch build category. Congratulations, Boddaker !

The Tron PC in the wild at Computex

Other threads of interest:

Phillyj wants laptop-buying advice over in Help Me Buy/Help Me Build

GuavaSauce brings us along as he attempts his first-ever case mod, the Station 6 .

Shadowlord101 wants to know: what keyboard and mouse do you game with ?

And, of course, check out the forums for more! Have a great weekend!

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