Fortinet Answers Your Burning Carrier IQ Questions in a Handy FAQ

Paul Lilly

The recently discovered Carrier IQ controversy is a little unsettling, to say the least. In short, Carrier IQ is a monitoring program that tracks things like GPS location, app usage details, and HTTP requests, and worst of all, this peeping tom program comes pre-loaded on many Android handsets ( there's a way you can check for it if you own a rooted phone). Want to know more?

If so, Fortinet has what you're looking for. If Fortinet sounds familiar, you're either a network security appliances geek, or you came across the company's top eight security predictions for 2012 (we covered them here ). Now Fortinet has put together a 'Carrier IQ on Android -- FAQ' piece that covers everything from the basics of what this software does to how exactly it works, and even how to get rid of it (not for the non-adventurous, as it requires rooting your Android device).

You can check out the FAQ here .

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