Former SF Network Admin Gets 4-year Sentence

Pulkit Chandna

Former network administrator Terry Childs was handed a 4-year prison term on Friday by Judge Teri Jackson, according to a spokesperson for the San Francisco district attorney's office. “Terry Childs who?” you might be wondering. Well, he made it to MPC's list of the “250 most important tech, products, events, and people of 2008” for hijacking the City of San Francisco's FiberWan network.

The insurgent network administrator assumed absolute control over the city's network for a 12-day period in 2008. Although he locked out the city from its own network during this period, Childs was kind enough to let the network run unhindered. But that gesture of generosity wasn't enough to prevent his arrest in June, 2008 guilty. He was finally convicted on one felony count of network tempering on  April 27, 2010.

Childs is effectively half way through his sentence, having already served more than two years in custody.

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