Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Reportedly in Talks to Buy Los Angeles Clippers

Paul Lilly

Steve Ballmer's next chapter may be written on an NBA basketball court

After stepping down as CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer has all the time (and all the money) in the world. What will he do with it all? Perhaps buy an NBA basketball team. Word on the web is that Steve Ballmer met with Shelly Sterling, estranged wife of Donald Sterling, to discuss buying the Los Angeles Clippers . Ballmer is one of several major figures and/or celebrities said to be interested in owning the Clippers.

In a surprise turn of events, Donald Sterling reportedly surrendered control of the Clippers to Shelly so that she could negotiate a sale of the team. Donald was recently banned from attending all NBA events and essentially ousted from the league after a recording of him making racist remarks went public.

Ballmer's net worth is an estimated $20 billion. According to TMZ , although Ballmer has stated he would keep the team in L.A. if he bought it, there's fear that he would move it to Seattle, former home of the Sonics. However, such decisions wouldn't be Ballmer's alone -- the league would have to vote on and approve such a move.

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