Former Employee Calls Patent Shenanigans against Seagate

Paul Lilly

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, so where does that leave ex-employees? In some cases, right in the same category. Just ask Seagate, who stands accused by a former employee of patent infringement and other underhanded deeds.

Paul A. Galloway, a former Seagate servo engineer until July of this year, says the hard drive maker has been infringing on HDD technology patents held by Convolve. What's more, Galloway alleges Seagate went so far as to destroy evidence to cover its tracks.

"According to Mr. Galloway, Seagate widely disseminated Convolve's technology throughout Seagate's servo engineering community, but engineers like Mr.Galloway, who were exposed to Convolve's technology, were not told that it was protected under an NDA," the court filing reads. "Certain technologies Seagate now claims to have independently developed were, in fact, influenced by Convolve's technology.

Galloway's claims are the latest in a decade-long suit between Convolve and Seagate, in which the former, along with MIT, is seeking $800 million for the use of noise-reduction technology.

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