Former EMI Exec Says Fight against P2P Is Futile


The entertainment industry hasn’t met with much success during its battle against illegal fire sharing. It is foolish to believe that industry insiders, including some of the most ardent of anti-p2p zealots, are not cognizant of the futility of their anti-p2p campaign. They are just reluctant to concede that their approach has proved to be ineffective.

However, a former EMI director, Per Eirik Johansen, has acquired enough strength to freely speak his mind on the issue of piracy , now that he doesn’t owe his allegiance to anyone apart from himself.

Johansen told Dagbladet, a Swedish magazine, that the ongoing fight against file sharing is useless. He believes that as copyright violations continue unabated, a fresh approach is needed - one that is more practical. "No one has ever won a battle when fighting against new technology," Johansen warned.

Image Credit: NRK

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