Former AMD Exec Values Xbox One Deal at $3 Billion

Paul Lilly

AMD sticks its hands in the next generation console cookie jar.

Make no mistake, AMD is a survivor. Save for the short-lived glory days of the Athlon 64, it seems AMD has always been a step or three behind Intel in performance, and there haven't been many quarterly financial reports to get excited about. Yet AMD keeps grinding, finding ways to survive in a cutthroat industry in part by branching out into side markets, like graphics and consoles. In terms of the latter, AMD's multi-year deal with Microsoft to supply APUs for the upcoming Xbox One console is believed to be in the neighborhood of $3 billion.

Former AMD employee Bob Feldstein posted the figure on his LinkedIn account , noting that his "involvement [with the Xbox One deal] was focused on business management and supply agreement negotiations," which entailed coordinating various teams within AMD and setting up regular customer meetings with leadership teams. Feldstein now works at Nvidia.

It's an impressive win for AMD, which also secured a deal to supply a semi-custom APU for Sony's upcoming PlayStation 4 console and is currently providing graphics chips for Nintendo's Wii U system.

As to the Xbox One, it features a 64-bit architecture, 8GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive, and a Blu-ray drive.

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