For Once, MySpace Gets Somebody OUT of Jail


It's been well documented how what you post on MySpace and other social networking sites can get you into trouble (just ask 16-year-old office worker Kimberly Swann who was fired over a Facebook entry calling her job boring), but for the first time (that we're aware of), the opposite is now true . At least that's the case for an ex-con who was caught taking a joyride on a stolen motorcycle.

Officer Vaughan Ettienne chased down the suspect, who also was allegedly carrying a loaded gun and a bag of ammunition. Under most circumstances, this would probably be an open-and-shut case, but the suspect claims Ettienne planted the gun on him to justify a beating that caused three broken ribs. Here's where it gets interesting.

Ettienne had set his MySpace status to "Devious" one day before the alleged beating, and changed his Facebook status to read "Vaughan is watching Training Day' to brush up on proper police procedure." But what really has Ettienne in hot water is posting a comment on a video of a police office punching a suspect that reads "If he wanted to tune him up some he shoulda delayed cuffing him...And if you WERE gonna hit a cuffed suspect at least get your moneys (sic) worth cause now he's gonna get disciplined for a (expletive deleted) love tap!"

Ettienne's social networking profiles and comments have been subpoenaed by the State Supreme Court in Brooklyn and will be used to help determined if he used police brutality on the suspect.

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