Font Freaks Fuming Over Ikea Typeface Change


Forget about draconian DRM measures, the RIAA's crusade against its customers, increasing spam and security threats, price fixing allegations, or any of that other nonsense. It's one thing to put up with all of that, but how dare home product and furniture store Ikea change its Typeface?

"I thought that something had gone terribly wrong, but when I Twittered about it, people at their ad agency told me that this was actually the new Ikea font," said Mattias Akerberg after he made the startling discovery in his local Swedish newspaper. "I could hardly believe it was true."

Before you criticize Akerberg for overreacting, bear in mind that Ikea has been using a customized version of Futura for longer than some have even been born. But with the company's 2010 catalog, Ikea has made the switch to Verdana, a font Microsoft originally intended to be used on screen, not on paper. What was Ikea thinking?

"It doesn't exhibit any elegance or visual rhythm when set at large sizes," says Simon l'Anson, creative director at Made by Many, a London-based digital consulting company. "It's like taking the family sedan off-road. It will sort of work, but ultimately gets bogged down."

In our opinion, the switch needs no analogy. The horrendous font-swap speaks for itself.

Who are we kidding, it's a font for ____'s sake. Any MPC readers taking serious issue with this? If so, we'd like to hear it. Hit the jump and post your disgust.

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