Folding@Home User Crams 23 GeForce GTX 295 Videocards into a Single Server


Before someone asks, the answer is 'yes,' we don't doubt the Atlas Folder can handle Crysis. But despite outfitting his server with 23 -- TWENTY EFFING THREE! -- gual-GPU GeForce GTX 295 videocards, Jason Farqué, who goes by the username Atlas Folding, has a more important goal in mind:

"The reason that my father in enrolled in [a clinical trial] is the same as the reason I run my folding farm. To fight back , to do something," Farqué wrote on his blog. "To help science overcoming Huntington's Disease so that people as yet unborn wont' have as hard a time as he and others do. Because my father wants the human race to succeed, to get better , to overcome our bodies' inherent frailties by using our minds."

Farqué's father suffers from Huntington's Disease, and if Stanford's Folding@Home distributed computing project leads to a cure, then it will be hard to imagine a better use for such a gluttony of high powered videocards. Among the setup are 9 MSI-brand 295s, 14 EVGA-brand 295s, and and a single GTX 260 and 9800GT thrown in for good measure.

And if you think that's impressive, Farqué has been mulling a similar setup with Nvidia's 300 series once it launches.

Check out a video of the super Folding server here , a Maximum PC forum post on how Farqué handled the configuration here , and see how you can both help the cause and lead Maximum PC to victory in this year's Chimp Challenge here .

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