Folding at Home Chimp Challenge Starts Today

Paul Lilly

The third annual Chimp Challenge kicks off today, in which Maximum PC's Folding at Home team will once again try to claim victory in the race for more points than the competition. If successful, this will mark the third victory in four attempts, but it won't be easy. More teams have entered this year and it's going to take a massive effort if we're to claim back-to-back bragging rights.

For those of you not familiar with Stanford's Folding at Home distributed computing project, you can get up to speed here . In short, the project relies on the computing horsepower of many in hopes of finding cures to common diseases, like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and many more. Stanford's Folding client taps into your PC's unused CPU and/or GPU cycles, and can even be run on a Playstation 3 console.

More info below!

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