Flexible 135-Inch Plasma Coming in 2009, Still Not Soon Enough

Alex Castle

Image Credit: Pink Tentacle

Shinoda Plasma Corp is showing off a huge, flexible, prototype plasma display at the FPD exhibition in Japan, with plans to sell it commercially starting next year.

Unlike traditional plasma screens, with light-emitting cells located between sheets of glass, Shinoda’s display will use cells inside of incredibly thin glass tubes. These tubes allow the screen to be thinner than current plasma displays, and also allow it to be flexible.

The screen of the prototype is 3 meters by 1 meter, and only a millimeter thick. As if that weren’t enough, the screen is light (1.4kg) and energy efficient (600 watts) as well. Sadly, the technology isn’t ready for use in TVs and monitors yet—it can’t display  resolutions higher than 960 by 360 pixels, but we should start seeing it in public display capacities as early as next April or May.

Assuming this technology does become suitable for consumer displays, how do you think it’ll change the commercial landscape? Tell us your thoughts after the break.

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