Flash 10.2 is Out, Brings Full Screen Video for Multiple Monitors

Ryan Whitwam

Adobe has finished work on version 10.2 of the Flash plug-in for Windows, Mac, and Linux. There are a few notable changes, but one big update has taken care of a thorn in our side (and possibly yours) for years. Flash 10.2 has the ability to keep full screen video on one monitor, while using other content on a second. You will never be as productive again. But that's not all the update has to offer.

Adobe has also optimized how 1080p HD video is handled. Along with this comes better CPU utilization. But be aware, this update isn't going to make all systems cut through 1080p video like a hot knife, but it will help those at the fringes. Users of IE9 will get hardware acceleration in this update as well.

Users of Chrome will get the update automagically, otherwise you'll need to grab the update manually. No word on an Android Flash update to 10.2, but we can hope.

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