Five-year-old Exposes Xbox Live Vulnerability



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You think they could have at least paid for a university education. c'mon this one "flaw" is worth at least that much.



The programmers and computer engineers responsible for the authentication/security setup for the xbone should be ashamed.

speaking as an engineer, all i can think is that it took some sloppy damn coding and debugging for such a glaring security problem to go unnoticed in early betas....let alone a consumer released product.

in defense of the guys, im sure they had other things on their minds when they were developing this particular code. perhaps feeling the collective shame anyone affiliated with microsoft feels about the direction windows 8 has gone in.

or perhaps their bosses gave them a quick and dirty deadline and decided to let the consumers do the beta testing.....nah M$ would never do that?!



I think the worst part of this is how people are acting like the kid had some kind of technical prowess because he happened to get in due to a flaw.

They should have given the kid something better as a gift though for it being reported. Also I wonder if the father just said the kid did it when he was the actual one to find the flaw.



Scratch Microsoft from the list of "Companies that could have done right the job that CGI Federal did wrong". ;)

Though, in fairness, Microsoft is still on the "would have done a much better job for much less" list.



i wouldn't wish a shitty xbone on my worst enemy



Says the person who does not own one, and yet feels compelled to comment in every forum on how shitty it is, despite never ever owning or using one.



why would i use something so inferior to my pc ? why would i watch tv through another device ? why would i pay $60/yr to play games online or use "apps" in which i already pay for their services ? why would i pay $60 for a new game when i can wait 6 months and get it 75% off on steam ? why would i buy the shittiest form of the two shitty consoles ? why would i play games at or very close to 720p ?

why would i buy the xbone when ps4 outsells it 2 to 1 ? especially considering you can't even find ps4s in stores yet they have so many xbones that they display them in multiple locations throughout the gaming section ? why would i pay $100 more for a far inferior console to the ps4 ? why would i want to own a machine with shitty amd products inside ?




Microsoft, a gazillion $$$$ mega-corp buys off a 5 yr old kid with a few cheap trinkets. Corporate responsibility at it's finest!



Almost all of the other tech companies do he exact same thing.

Take a look at Google for example, especially with Google looking for people to hack through Google Chrome. But before doing that, check out these items...

1. How much is Google stock worth.
2. How much did the company make last year.
3. Versus how much it pays people (or even groups) to hack through any of it's systems.



Wow. Thats really all I can say. Just, wow. I was also at several points LOL'ing at how simple it was.