Five-Bag Your BlackBerry with New Ballistic HC Case

Paul Lilly

Ballistic has released another "Hard Core" case, this latest one designed for BlackBerry Curve 8500 and 9300 owners. The Ballistic HC offers five layers of protection, which according to Ballistic makes it the "most technically advanced rugged case on the market."

"The Ballistic HC provides unmatched protection for consumers and we are thrilled to make it available to our loyal Blackberry customers," said Adam Stubin, Vice President of Business Development, AG Findings. "With Blackberry dominating 31 percent of the cell phone industry, the release of our Blackberry HC case represents massive growth potential for the Ballistic brand."

The five layers consists of an inner rubber layer, rigid structural frame, outer shock absorption rubber, removable outer silicone rubber shock-absorption layer with connector plug/seals, and a screen protector.

The Ballistic HC will be available in both black and gray at AT&T stores (and online) for $50.

Image Credit: Ballistic

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