First Twitter App Arrives on Zune HD in Family Friendly Form

Ryan Whitwam

When the Zune HD launched everyone was bothered by the lack of apps. It seemed like the perfect platform for it. Microsoft did eventually grace us with a few games and miscellaneous goodies. But as we all know, you can’t have an application platform without at least one Twitter client. Well, today the Zune HD got just that, a Twitter app .

The app can be found on the Marketplace right this second. It is first and foremost, a very attractive Twitter client. As it turns out, it’s also inexplicably laggy. The Zune HD packs the impressive Nvidia Tegra chip, but this app somehow obfuscates the power of the hardware. Just scrolling through and refreshing tweets seems to cause random crashes. Many are finding that touches aren’t being correctly interpreted either.

The truly confusing thing here is that the app actually censors tweets. As one astute reader tipped Engadget , any profanity is automatically replaced with asterisks. This is a move right out of Apple's App Store playbook, but worse because it is doing live censoring of content. Yes, the app is free, but keep in mind this device has a web browser capable of displaying all manner of online obscenity. Hopefully a software update will fix these problems. Hit the comments with any thoughts you have on this.

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