First Radeon HD 7730 Graphics Card Spotted in the Wild

Paul Lilly

MSI's Radeon HD 7730 breaks cover and gets benchmarked.

A rather active user on the Chinese-language forum Coolaler posted several pictures of an MSI Radeon HD 7730 graphics card. As far as we can tell, the entry-level card's model was supposed to have been kept a secret, as identifying information on the retail box was replaced with a red censor strip, but it's tougher to hide such things from software. In addition to the model number, there are also some benchmark numbers to share.

The forum user who posted the pictures also tossed up a few benchmark comparisons between the Radeon HD 7730 and HD 6670. Here's how it shook out between the two:

  • Radeon HD 7730, 3DMark Vantage Performance: 10,764
  • Radeon HD 6670, 3DMark Vantage Performance: 5,366
  • Radeon HD 7730, 3DMark 11 Entry: 4,539
  • Radeon HD 6670, 3DMark 11 Entry: 2,477
  • Radeon HD 7730, 3DMark 11 Performance: 2,609
  • Radeon HD 6670, 3DMark 11 Performance: 1,428
  • Radeon HD 7730, 3DMark Fire Strike: 1,680
  • Radeon HD 6670, 3DMark Fire Strike: 878
  • Radeon HD 7730, Cloud Gate: 11,959
  • Radeon HD 6670, Cloud Gate: 7,042
  • Radeon HD 7730, Ice Storm: 101,701
  • Radeon HD 6670, Ice Storm: 63,660

Those are some big gains across the board, and in some cases, the Radeon HD 7730 benched almost twice as fast as the Radeon HD 6670.

The entry-level part is a 128-bit card with 1GB of memory clocked at 1,125MHz and a core clockspeed of 800MHz. Most of the other details are still a secret, including price and release date.

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