First Paper Transistors Produced, Are Papercraft CPUs Next?


You've heard of Paper Mario, but a paper processor? That might be taking things a bit too far, but a team of Portuguese scientists have created the first Field Effect Transistor (FET) made with cellulose fiber-based paper. The new approach takes a common sheet of paper and uses it as the dielectric layer on oxide FETs, with devices fabricated on both sides of the paper sheet. And while other teams have reported using paper as the physical support (substrate) of electronic devices, this method is the first one that also allows the paper to be used as the interstrate component as well. In other words, it's really cool.

More than a proof of concept, the team envisions its new paper transistors being used in disposable electronic devices like paper displays, smart labels, smart packaging, bio-applications, RFID tags, and more. Full details will be published in the September 2008 issue of IEEE Electron Device Letters , but until then, you'll have to wade through translated text .

Image Credit: New University of Lisbon

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