First In-Game Max Payne 3 Trailer Full of Close Shaves, Regular Shaving

Maximum PC Staff

With a release date now firmly in place, Max Payne 3's officially done playing hide-and-go-hide-some-more. Sure, March isn't exactly right around the corner, but that hasn't stopped Rockstar from releasing an entirely engine-based trailer to whet our appetites. Make no mistake, though: Rockstar's signature eye for all things dramatic and cinematic hasn't suddenly blinked in the face of Max's grizzled mug. That said, once bullets and bodies start flying, the series' roots definitely peek through a bit. Also, a bonus: This trailer finally reveals why Max suddenly started rocking the same hair style as, well, 90 percent of videogame characters – which is to say, you know, baldness. Well, kind of, anyway. Check out the full thing after the break.

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