First Generation Ultrabooks Might See Big Price Drops

Paul Lilly

We rarely advocate playing the waiting game when it comes to buying or upgrading parts, simply because there's always something newer, faster, and shinier right around the corner. At some point, you just have to bite the bullet and pull the trigger, knowing full well that as soon as you do, someone, somewhere is going to announce something snazzier. All that said, you shouldn't buy an Ultrabook today.

Every once in awhile, it makes sense to wait just a tad longer before making a purchase, and this could one of those cases. DigiTimes is claiming to have heard from retailers that prices of current generation Ultrabooks will likely drop 20 percent to 30 percent in early March to April as vendors look to purge existing inventory and make room for newer model Ultrabooks and notebooks built around Intel's upcoming Ivy Bridge platform.

This is all unconfirmed, of course, but if you can stand to wait three or four weeks, you might be able to score a current generation Ultrabook for several hundred dollars less that what you would pay today. Or you could end up spending the same money, but get a better spec'd unit.

If you need help deciding which Ultrabook to keep your eye on, check out our recent Ultrabook roundup .

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