First Dual-Booting Windows and Android Phone Slated for June Release

Paul Lilly

This summer could see the launch of a smartphone running both Windows and Android

Can't decide between Windows Phone or Android? Perhaps soon you won't have to. Mobile phone maker Karbonn Mobiles is said to be fairly close to finishing a dual-OS handset that will run both Android and Windows Phone platforms. Assuming everything goes to plan -- Karbonn Mobiles said it already signed a licensing agreement with Microsoft -- the dual-booting smartphone will launch by June of this year.

"Microsoft has eased the regulations and is opening up its platform for other players. We signed the agreement two days ago and will launch a range of Windows phones in about three months," said Sudhir Hasija, chairman of Karbonn Mobiles, according to The Times of India .

Hasija said the handset will target "techies" and office professionals. What Hasija and his company haven't decided just yet is what price point the dual-booting handset will compete at.

There will likely be other handsets from different manufacturers that go the dual-boot route, especially with Microsoft giving its blessing, though it's not entirely clear what Redmond's strategy is. One possible angle is that Microsoft could be hoping to ride the success of Android by piggybacking on the open source platform, giving users a way to familiarize themselves with the Windows Phone platform without outright committing to it.

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