First Dead Space 2 DLC Announced, But Not for PC

Maximum PC Staff

We're all for robust single-player DLC, but we can't help but feel like Dead Space 2's first batch of the stuff is missing something. Oh, right: a way for us to play it .

Titled Dead Space: Severed, the new episode will run (or rather, slither unsettlingly on its belly because you, you know, severed its legs) parallel to Dead Space 2's main plot, but will instead star Gabe Weller and Lexine Murdock as they attempt to survive the Necromorph invasion of Ye Future Human Lande, aka The Sprawl.

Unfortunately, the initial announcement failed to make any mention of a PC version, and an Electronic Arts rep went on to hammer a nice, long nail into its coffin by telling The Escapist that the downloadable episode's skipping PC entirely.

This isn't the first time EA's given our favorite platform the cold shoulder when it comes to DLC. Late last year, the publisher put a stop to Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit's PC DLC due to a “lack of resources.”

So yeah, it seems we have the beginnings of a disturbing little trend here. And – knowing PC gaming's seedier side – the unfortunate continuance of another .

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